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Cognition and Stress: Advances in Basic and Translational Research » Meeting Agenda

Bethesda, Maryland

Tuesday, July 24

Time Event Speaker
8:30 Overview of the workshop
Participants’ self-introductions
9:00 A systems-level model of stress effects on hippocampal plasticity and memory Jeansok J. Kim, Ph.D.
University of Washington
9:30 Novel mechanisms for stress-induced hippocampal dysfunction: dendritic spines and CRH Tallie Z. Baram, M.D., Ph.D.
UC Irvine Health Sciences
10:00 Stress, learning and the anatomy of a sex difference Tracey J. Shors, Ph.D. Rutgers University
10:45 Stress hormones, amygdala activation and memory for emotionally arousing experiences Benno Roozendaal, Ph.D.
University of California, Irvine
11:15 Neurogenesis and depression René Hen, Ph.D.
Columbia University
11:45 General Discussion  
1:15 Intracellular signaling mechanisms mediating stress-induced collapse in prefrontal cortical function Amy Arnsten, Ph.D.
Yale University School of Medicine
1:45 Role of the medial prefrontal cortex in mediating resilience to adverse events Steven F. Maier, Ph.D.
University of Colorado
2:15 Differential effects of stress on dorsal and ventral prefrontal function BJ Casey, Ph.D.
Weill Medical College of Cornell University
3:00 Stress pathways and the persistence of memory Cristina Alberini, Ph.D.
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
3:30 The impact of stress on social memories Carmen Sandi, Ph.D.
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
4:00 General Discussion  
5:00 Adjourn  

Wednesday, July 25

Time Event Speaker
8:30 The effects of early institutionalization on brain and cognitive development Charles A. Nelson, Ph.D.
Harvard Medical School
9:00 Child depression: Cognition and stress Neal D. Ryan, M.D.
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
9:30 Superimposition of PTSD and aging: Effects of cognition, endocrinology, and brain function Rachel Yehuda, Ph.D.
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
10:15 Recent insights into anxiety and depression: Opportunities for translational research Chris Brewin, Ph.D.
University College London
10:45 Cortisol, cognition and brain function Elaine F. Walker, Ph.D.
Emory University
11:15 General Discussion  
12:00 Working Lunch — Continue Discussion  
1:00 Adjourn