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Evolving Mechanisms of HIV Neuropathogenesis: Domestic and Global Issues


Location: Venice, Italy

Sponsored by:
National Institute of Mental Health
NIH Office of AIDS Research (OAR)
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)
San Raffaele Scientific Institute (Italy)
National Institute for Infectious Diseases (Italy)

In April 2007, NIMH co-sponsored an international meeting in Venice, Italy to discuss research on disease mechanisms that lead to chronic and milder forms of HIV-associated central nervous system (CNS) disease following long-term anti-retroviral therapy. Other meeting co-sponsors included the San Raffaele Scientific Institute of Milano, Italy; the National Institute for Infectious Diseases of Rome, Italy; and NIH’s Office of AIDS Research and NINDS. A key area of discussion related to understanding the viral and host genetic mechanisms that contribute to the development of HIV-associated CNS disease from a global perspective. Participants also discussed research on the impact of global diversity of HIV subtypes on the development of HIV-associated CNS disease. The meeting occurred in conjunction with another conference entitled, “Second HIV Infection and the Central Nervous System: Developed and Resource-Limited Settings.” For more information, please contact Jeymohan Joseph at