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Improving Long-term Efficacy and Effectiveness Outcomes in ADHD: A Treatment Development Workshop » Meeting Agenda

Rockville, Maryland

Time Event
Day 1
8:00 Light refreshments
8:30 Welcome from the Director
Thomas Insel
Purpose of workshop
NIMH Program Staff
Session I. Long-term Outcomes in ADHD
Moderator: Lauren Baskir
8:50 Persistence of ADHD & impairments in major life domains
Russell Barkley
9:10 Predictors of outcome: What we know and what we need to know
Steve Hinshaw
9:30 Predictors of adverse outcomes: Development of drug abuse
Tim Wilens
9:40 Discussion
10:10 Break
Session II. Treatment Effects and Limitations
Moderator: Ben Vitiello
10:30 Pharmacotherapy
Chris Kratochvil
10:50 Psychosocial and combined treatments
Howard Abikoff
11:10 Discussion
11:30 Effectiveness
Lily Hechtman
11:50 Cost effectiveness
Peter Jensen
12:20 Does treatment impact substance abuse outcomes?
Brooke Molina
12:40 Discussion
1:00 Lunch
Session III. Models and Mechanisms
Moderator: Judy Rumsey
1:50 Neuropsychological models
Jeff Epstein
2:10 Neuroimaging markers
George Bush
2:30 Psychopharmacological mechanisms
Tim Wilens
2:50 Neurobiological mechanisms
Craig Berridge
3:10 Break
3:30 Translational strategies
Xavier Castellanos
4:00 Discussion for Session III
4:30 Final discussions for Day 1
5:00 End Day 1
Day 2
8:00 Light refreshments
Session IV. Treatment Development - Research Needs
Moderator: Joel Sherrill
8:30 Problematic issues in diagnosis: looking ahead to DSM-V
Russell Barkley
8:45 Methodological considerations
Hendricks Brown
9:00 Discussion
9:30 Novel pharmacologic approaches and pharmacogenetics
Jim McCracken
9:50 Discussion
10:20 Break
10:35 School-based treatments for adolescents and college students
Steven Evans
10:50 Skills training
Howard Abikoff
11:05 Cognitive-behavior therapy
Steven Safren
11:20 Cognitive training
Jeff Epstein
11:35 Discussion
12:00 Working Lunch - Discussion
3:00 Adjourn