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NIMH Special Symposium: Mental Illness, the Person, and Prison


Location: Bethesda, Maryland

In May 2007, NIMH hosted a symposium on the urgent problem of prisoners with serious mental illness. The symposium featured accounts from Pete Earley, former Washington Post reporter and author of the book Crazy, as well as Clare Dickens. Both are parents of children with serious mental illness who had been incarcerated. The symposium also featured presentations from Denise Juliano-Bult, MSW, from the NIMH Division of Services and Intervention Research, as well as Arleen Rogan, PhD, Acting Director of the Montgomery County Maryland Core Service Agency. The symposium addressed the problems in the mental health care system that lead to individuals with mental illness becoming incarcerated where they may often be mistreated or under-treated, current and needed research, and the efforts of one local jurisdiction to find solutions. For more information, please contact David I. Sommers at