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Navigating Your Way through a Successful Research Career


Location: Rockville, Maryland

Sponsored by:
National Institute of Mental Health
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In September 2008, the NIMH Division of Developmental Translational Research (DDTR) hosted a career workshop sponsored by the NIMH Office for Special Populations (OSP), the NIMH Division of Aids and Health Behavior Research (DAHBR), the Division of Adult Translational Research (DATR), and the Division of Services and Intervention Research (DSIR).  The workshop provided junior investigators with the tools necessary to continue along the path of competitive research support and transition to independence.  The workshop aimed to instill the importance of producing innovative research within the overall mission of NIMH in these promising early researchers. Content of the workshop included presentations on translation of research in developmental psychopathology, mechanisms and trajectories of mental illness, the development of innovative treatments, and adaptation of efficacious treatments.  

Workshop participants addressed the following major themes:

For more information, please contact Michael Sesma, Ph.D., 301-443-5944.