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Transforming the understanding
and treatment of mental illnesses.

New Perspectives on Cerebellar Function: Implications for Mental Health

Date and Time

October 18, 2019

Sponsored by:
Division of Neuroscience and Basic Behavioral Science, NIMH

Society for Neuroscience Annual Conference – Chicago, IL
Marriott Marquis, Great Lakes A

Research suggests that the cerebellum plays a significant role in cognitive, emotional, and social processes, and its dysfunction has been linked to a variety of psychiatric disorders. This NIMH-sponsored symposium will bring together experts in basic and translational neuroscience to discuss the state of the field and identify opportunities to advance our understanding of how the cerebellum contributes to cognition, emotion, and social behavior in both healthy and psychiatric populations.

Registration is free for attendees of the Society of Neuroscience (SfN) Annual Meeting