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NIMH Livestream Event on Seasonal Affective Disorder

Date/Time: , 2:00–2:30 PM ET

Location: Virtual

While many people feel less happy at times during cold, gloomy days during the winter, these “winter blues” are usually temporary and do not interfere with a person’s functioning. In contrast, some people may start to feel consistently “down” when the days get shorter in the fall and winter and begin to feel better in the spring with its longer daylight hours. In some cases, these mood changes are more serious and, as with all types of depression, can affect how a person feels, thinks, and handles daily activities. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression characterized by its recurrent seasonal pattern, with symptoms lasting about four to five months per year.

On October 26, 2021, NIMH is conducting a livestream event on SAD. Matthew Rudorfer, M.D., chief of the Adult Psychopharmacology, Somatic, and Integrated Treatment Research Program at NIMH, will discuss the signs, symptoms, treatments, and the latest research on SAD.

Participating is easy.

  • Watch the livestream event on NIMH’s Facebook or Twitter feeds. You must have either a Facebook or Twitter account to watch and ask questions.
  • Refresh NIMH’s Facebook or Twitter feeds at 2:00 p.m. ET on October 26th to watch the livestream discussion.
  • NIMH will provide sign language interpreters.

The livestream will be archived on NIMH’s website and Facebook page so you can access it after the event is over.

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