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Event Summaries About Brain Anatomy and Physiology

NIMH Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation E-Field Modeling Workshop


Location: Washington, D.C.

Description: The NIMH Division of Translational Research sponsored a workshop to provide an overview of the use of electric-field (e-field) modeling in noninvasive brain stimulation studies. Experts provided theoretical background information on e-field modeling as well as practical hands-on experience with a variety of available software packages.

Sponsors: NIMH Division of Translational Research

Explainable Artificial Intelligence Solutions Applied to Neural and Behavioral Data


Location: Washington Marriott at Metro Center, Washington, D.C.


On November 10, 2017, NIMH convened a workshop to discuss the development of explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) solutions to guide basic and clinical interventions, and to inform our understanding of complex brain-behavioral data in the context of intelligent neuro-behavioral modulation.

Sponsors: National Institute of Mental Health

Computational Psychiatry: Opportunities and Challenges for the Future


Location: Bethesda, MD

Description: The NIMH Office of Director held a scientific workshop on computational psychiatry.