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Event Summaries About Prevention

HIV PrEP Implementation Science Administrative Supplement Meeting


Location: Bethesda, MD

Description: The NIMH Division of AIDS Research sponsored a meeting to advance the science of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) implementation.

Integrating Neuroscience, Developmental Psychopathology, and Preventive Interventions: Critical Questions for the Next Generation of Transformative Research


Location: Denver, Colorado

Description: In conjunction with the 18th annual conference of the Society for Prevention Research, NIMH held a one-day, pre-conference workshop. The goal of the meeting was to identify strategies to advance prevention science research for mental disorders through the integration of basic science, neurodevelopment research, and intervention expertise.

Sponsors: National Institute of Mental Health

Mental Health Consideration in Secondary HIV Prevention


Location: Bethesda, Maryland

Description: The Secondary Prevention and Translation Branch of NIMH’s Center for Mental Health Research on AIDS (CMHRA) hosted a meeting that focused on identifying target areas for new research on the intersection of secondary HIV prevention and mental health, specifically related to HIV-infected individuals with psychiatric disorders living in the United States.

Promoting Indigenous Research on Suicide Prevention and Related Topics: A Workshop to Define Issues, Develop Strategies and Identify Sustaining Frameworks


Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Description: As a follow-up to the February 2006 meeting “Indigenous Suicide Prevention Research and Programs in Canada and the United States: Setting a Collaborative Agenda” NIMH supported a workshop to further identify challenges faced by indigenous researchers.

Sponsors: National Institute of Mental Health, Center for Native American Health, University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center

Prevention of Traumatic Stress Disorders in High-Risk Occupations: Current Knowledge and Research Opportunities


Location: Bethesda, Maryland

Description: The NIMH Office of Prevention and the Division of Adult Translational Research and Treatment Development, Traumatic Stress Disorders Research Program, held a meeting involving trauma researchers, prevention scientists, and subject-matter experts responsible for preparing civilian and military personnel for disaster response, mass casualty events, and combat.

Indigenous Suicide Prevention Research and Programs in Canada and the United States: Setting a Collaborative Agenda


Location: Albuquerque, NM

Description: In February 2006, a conference was convened to bring together representatives from research, service organizations, youth, community programs, and governments (across a range of countries, tribes, and villages) to share the most current information on Indigenous suicide, to find ways to foster communication and collaboration, and to form and support workgroups to bring substantive research and prevention efforts forward in a multi-year effort.