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Outreach Connection

The NIMH Outreach Partnership Program distributes Outreach Connection three times a year to feature how its Program partners are bringing research to the community. The e-newsletter shares how NIMH Outreach Partners are distributing and using NIMH information and research throughout their states and communities, and similar efforts carried out at a national level by the more than 75 National Partner organizations that participate in the Program. Examples also are included of how Partners are promoting NIMH research studies and collaborating with researchers.

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Prepared by NIMH’s Office of Science Policy, Planning, and Communications, the Update provides the latest mental health-related science news, resources, and grant opportunities available from across Federal government. The Update is delivered via e-mail on the first business day of each month and compiles:

  • new research findings of interest;
  • Federal grant opportunities;
  • Federal calls for public input;
  • materials, reports, and other tools that help targeted audiences gain a better understanding of mental illnesses; and
  • Federal government mental health related meetings, conferences, and online presentations.

Visit the archives of this NIH Listserv to view or search archived issues.

Outreach Partners and National Partners will receive the Update through distribution lists set up specifically for each group. If you are an individual or associated with an organization that does not participate as a National Partner, you can sign up to receive the Update at this NIH listserv page.

To confirm your identity and prevent third parties from subscribing you to the list against your will, an e-mail message with a confirmation code will be sent to the address you specify in the form. Simply wait for this message to arrive, then follow the instructions to confirm the operation.