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NIH Workshop on Nonverbal School-Aged Children with Autism » Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda
Rockville, Maryland

April 13, 2010
Judith Cooper and planning committee
8:10-8:30Comments and introduction of participants
Co-chairs Helen Tager-Flusberg and Connie Kasari

Defining the Population: Who Remains Nonverbal

8:30-9:00Who remains nonverbal? What are the characteristics of that population?
Catherine Lord
9:00-9:30What are the characteristics and predictors of the school-aged children who move from non-verbal to verbal?
Barry Gordon
9:30-10:00What has been learned from the recent Autism Speaks workshops on this topic?
Portia Iverson

Methodologies for Behavioral Assessment

What is the methodology and what are its strengths in assessment? Why is it or why might it be useful with this population? What abilities can be assessed with this methodology?

Helen Tager-Flusberg
Nicole Gage
11:40- 12:00ERP
April Benasich
What are the motor and sensory areas to be assessed in this population? What methodologies are appropriate?
1:30-1:50Sensory abilities
Grace Baranek
1:50-2:10Motor abilities
Mark Mahone
What is apraxia and how might it be assessed in this population?
Lawrence Shriberg
3:15-4:00Commentary on Assessment
John Connolly, Rhea Paul, Stewart Mostofsky
4:00-5:00Discussion and Research Recommendations Regarding Assessment: Gaps in Knowledge and Future Directions
Evening:Dinner with workshop speakers

April 14, 2010


What is the treatment you are using with this population? What evidence can you provide of its efficacy?

8:00-8:20Non-augmentative interventions
Laura Schreibman
8:20-8:40Non-augmentative interventions
Connie Kasari
What is the treatment you are using with this population? What evidence can you provide of its efficacy? Can speech and literacy result from use of augmentative devices? Can useful communication via augmentative devices be obtained for this population?
8:40-9:00Augmentative interventions
Nancy Brady
9:00-9:20Augmentative interventions
MaryAnn Romski
9:35-10:05Commentary on Treatment/Intervention
Rebecca Landa, Janice Light
10:05-11:00Discussion and Research Recommendations Regarding Treatment and Intervention: Gaps in Knowledge and Future Directions

Research Recommendations

11:00-12:00Final discussions/comments from entire workshop
12:00-12:30Final comments and Conclusion
12:30-2:00Planning Committee only meets to finalize recommendations and future plans