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Nursing Script

PDF version

Say to parent/guardian:
“National safety guidelines recommend that we screen all kids for suicide risk. We ask these questions in private, so I am going to ask you to step out of the room for a few minutes. If we have any concerns about your child’s safety, we will let you know.”

Once parent steps out, say to patient:
“Now I’m going to ask you a few more questions.” Administer the ASQ and any other questions you want to ask in private (e.g. domestic violence).

If patient screens positive, say to patient:
“These are hard things to talk about. Thank you for telling me. I’m going to share your answers with [insert name of MD, PA, NP, or mental health clinician] and he/she will come speak with you.”

If patient screens positive, and parent/guardian is awaiting results, say:
“We have some concerns about your child’s safety that we would like to further evaluate. It’s really important that he/she spoke up about this. I’m going to talk to [insert name of MD, PA, NP, or mental health clinician], and he/she will further evaluate your child for safety.”