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Laboratory of Brain and Cognition (LBC)

Select Publications

Avidan, G., Tanzer, M., Hadj-Bouziane, F., Liu, N., Ungerleider, L.G., Behrmann, M: Selective dissociation between core and extended regions of the face processing network in congenital prosopagnosia. Cereb. Cortex 24:1565-1578, 2014 (PMID: 23377287).

Liu N, Kriegeskorte N, Mur M, Hadj-Bouziane F, Luh WM, Tootell RBH, Ungerleider LG: Intrinsic Structure of Visual Exemplar and Category Representations in Macaque Brain. J Neurosci 33(28):11346-11360, 2013 (PMCID 3724556).

Furl, N., Hadj-Bouziane, F., Liu, N., Averbeck, B.B. and Ungerleider, L. G.: Dynamic and static facial expressions decoded from face-movement sensitive areas in the macaque monkey. J. Neurosci 32(45):15952-62.1992-12, 2012 (PMCID 3539420).

Hadj-Bouziane, F., Liu, N., Bell, A.H., Gothard, K.M., Luh, W., Tootell, R.B.H., Murray, E.A., and Ungerleider, L. G.: Amygdala lesions disrupt modulation of fMRI activity evoked by facial expression in the monkey inferior temporal cortex. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 109(52): E3640-8. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1218406109, 2012 (PMCID 2291084).

Bell, A.H., Malecek, N., Morin, E., Hadj-Bouziane, F., Tootell, R.B.H., and Ungerleider, L. G.: Relationship between fMRI-identified regions and neuronal category selectivity. s J. Neurosci. 31: 12229-12240, 2011 (PMCID 3165163).

Wu, C. W.-H., Vasalatiy, O., Liu, N., Wu, H., Cheal, S., Chen, D.-Y., Koretsky, A.P., Griffiths, G.L., Tootell, R.B.H., and Ungerleider, L. G.: Development of a MR-visible compound for tracing neuroanatomical connections in vivo. Neuron 70: 229-243, 2011 (PMCID 3419536).

Bell, A.H., Hadj-Bouziane, F., Frihauf, J., Tootell, R. B. H., and Ungerleider, L.G.: Object representations in the temporal cortex of monkeys and humans as revealed by functional magnetic resonance imaging. J. Neurophysiol. 101: 688-700, 2009 (PMCID 19052111).

Hadj-Bouziane, F., Bell, A.H., Knusten, T.A., Ungerleider, L.G., and Tootell, R.B.H.: Perception of emotional expression activates regions independent of face selectivity in monkey inferior temporal cortex: a fMRI study. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 105: 5591-5596, 2008 (PMCID 18375769).

Tootell, R.B.H., Devaney, K.J., Young, J.C., Postelnicu, G., Rajimehr, R., and Ungerleider, L.G.: fMRI mapping of a morphed continuum of 3D shapes within inferior temporal cortex. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 105: 3605-3609, 2008 (PMCID 2265115).

Mukai, I., Kim, D., Fukunaga, M., Japee, S., Marrett, S., and Ungerleider, L.G.: Activations in visual and attention-related areas predict and correlate with the degree of perceptual learning. J. Neurosci. 27: 11401-11411, 2007 (PMCID 17942734).

Rossi, A.F., Bichot, N.P., Desimone, R., and Ungerleider, L.G.: Top-down attentional deficits in macaques with lesions of lateral prefrontal cortex. J. Neurosci. 27: 11306-11314, 2007 (PMCID 17942725).

Heekeren, H.R., Marrett, S., Ruff, D.A., Bandettini, P.A., and Ungerleider, L.G.: Involvement of left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in perceptual decision-making is independent of response modality. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 103: 1023-1028, 2006 (PMCID 16785427).

Heekeren, H.R., Marrett, S., Bandettini, P.A., and Ungerleider, L.G.: A general mechanism for perceptual decision-making in the human brain. Nature 431: 859-562, 2004 (PMCID15483614).

Ishai, A., Pessoa, L., Bikle, P.C., and Ungerleider, L.G.: Repetition suppression to faces is modulated by emotion. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 101: 9827-9832, 2004 (PMCID 15210952).

Friedman-Hill, S., Robertson, L.C., Desimone, R., and Ungerleider, L.G.: Posterior parietal cortex and the filtering of distractors. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 100: 4263-4268, 2003 (PMCID 12646699).

Pessoa, L., McKenna, M., Gutierrez, E. and Ungerleider, L.G.: Neural processing of emotional faces requires attention. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci, USA 99: 11458-11463, 2002 (PMCID 12177449).

De Weerd, P., Peralta III, M. R., Desimone, R., and Ungerleider, L.G.: Loss of attentional stimulus selectivity after extrastriate cortical lesions in macaques. Nature Neurosci. 2: 753-758, 1999 (PMCID 1041206).

Kastner, S., De Weerd, P., Desimone, R. and Ungerleider, L.G.: Mechanisms of directed attention in human extrastriate cortex as revealed by functional MRI. Science 282: 108-111, 1998 (PMCID 9756472).

De Weerd, P., Gattass, R., Desimone, R., and Ungerleider, L. G.: Responses of cells in monkey visual cortex during perceptual filling-in of an artificial scotoma. Nature 377: 731-734, 1995 (PMCID 7477262).

Karni, A., Meyer, G., Jezzard, P., Adams, M. M., Turner, R., and Ungerleider, L. G.: Functional MRI evidence for adult motor cortex plasticity during motor skill learning. Nature 377: 155-158, 1995 (PMCID 7675082).

Martin, A., Haxby, J. V., Lalonde, F. M., Wiggs, C. L., and Ungerleider, L. G.: Discrete cortical regions mediate knowledge of colors and knowledge of actions. Science 270: 102-105, 1995 (PMCID 7569934).

Nakamura, H., Gattass, R., Desimone, R., and Ungerleider, L. G.: The modular organization of projections from areas V1 and V2 to areas V4 and TEO in macaques. J. Neurosci. 13: 3681-3691, 1993 (PMCID 7690064).