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Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Regulation

Section on Molecular Neuroscience

Lee Eiden, PhD., Chief

The Section on Molecular Neuroscience studies the molecular mechanisms of chemically coded ionotropic and metabotropic neurotransmission in the nervous system. The ultimate goals of the Section's research are identifying molecular components of synaptic transmission, and how these components are regulated to allow short-term and long-term information to be encoded within postsynaptic neurons and neuroendocrine cells. We are exploring the general hypothesis that neuropeptide-encoded slow transmission may occupy a special evolutionary niche for nervous system adaptation to paraphysiological stressors, and that by studying neuropeptide function in stress physiology, we might uncover roles (and treatments) relevant to human disease.

neuroanatomy and neurochemistry of stress circuits of the brain and periphery

Stress Circuitry—neuroanatomy and neurochemistry of stress circuits of the brain and periphery studied by members of the Section on Molecular Neuroscience are depicted in a schematic diagram adapted from Stroth et al., Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. 1220:, 49-59, 2011.