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Laboratory of Neuropsychology

About NIMH MonkeyLogic


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Current Development

NIMH MonkeyLogic is developed and maintained by Jaewon Hwang, who is Staff Scientist at Section on Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, LN/NIMH.

History & Contributions

NIMH MonkeyLogic started with NIMH DAQ Toolbox and MonkeyLogic Graphics Library (MGL), which were also written by Jaewon Hwang. NIMH DAQ Toolbox was developed to extend the legacy DAQ interface of MATLAB to the 64-bit environment and support real-time behavior monitoring with only one data acquisition device. MGL was written to provide an information-rich replica of the subject screen, as well as support for transparent images, movie streaming and low-latency audio output. At first NIMH DAQ Toolbox and MGL were used to power the original MonkeyLogic on the latest computing environment and released with a modified version of the original MonkeyLogic, which was the 1st version of NIMH ML.

The 2nd version of NIMH MonkeyLogic is completely re-written from scratch in the object-oriented programming style and uses its own data file format (BHV2). It is also equipped with upgraded NIMH DAQ Toolbox and MGL, which support more input devices and more features, and provides a new way to compose tasks that improves close-loop performance.

Andrew Mitz provided an interface box design for MonkeyLogic and Edward Ryklin is managing this website.