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Statistical Genomics and Data Analysis Core

Statistical Genomics and Data Analysis Core

The Statistical Genomics and Data Analysis Core, within NIMH, supports research to transform the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses through the application of the most effective statistical methods. The core:

  • Provides statistical service for intramural and extramural scientists through consultation, collaboration and on-site training
  • Promotes communications between intramural and extramural scientists through collaboration and on-site workshops at NIH
  • Provides data quality control, data storage and data analysis using a cutting edge statistical method and our state of the art high performance computing systems

Examples of Services:

  • Ad-hoc consultation
    • Advise on study designs, data management and analysis
  • Data management
    • Data quality control and data storage
  • Statistical analysis services include but not limited to:
    • Genomic data analysis
    • Neuroscience data analysis
    • Survey data analysis
    • Pharmacological data analysis
  • Statistical methods tailored to specific research projects
    • e.g., Time series model to predict drug onset
  • Personalized training to match client’s specific requirements
    • Statistical analysis methods
    • Script writing
  • Manuscript revision
  • Statistical teaching

In 2017, our lab offered a course titled “Basic Statistical Methods used in Brain Science”.

Course Description: An introduction to the use of statistical methods in different scientific areas. Methods of data description and analysis using R include: descriptive statistics, graphical presentation, estimation, and hypothesis testing. R will be introduced as a tool to perform the statistical analysis. An emphasis will be placed on learning statistical methods and concepts through hands-on experience with real data. This real data will be obtained from different areas of brain science. The goal of this course is to introduce students to applied statistics and R programming language, and help to perform research of specific interest. And this course was well received.