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NIMH IRP Trainee Travel Award

NIMH IRP Trainee Travel Award

The NIMH/IRP Office of Fellowship Training announces a call for nominations for the NIMH IRP Trainee Travel Award program annually. The NIMH IRP Trainee Travel Award competition recognizes the achievements of trainees and encourages them to share their research by giving presentations at scientific conferences. Trainees are awarded $1,000 to assist in defraying the cost of attending and presenting their work at a scientific conference.

All NIMH IRP Post-baccalaureate, Pre-doctoral, Post-Doctoral, Visiting, Research and Clinical Fellows are eligible to apply for the Travel Award.

To apply for an NIMH IRP Trainee Travel Award you must:

  • Acquire a letter of support from your PI. The letter should state that your PI approves of your attendance to the meeting, and that he/she agrees to support the travel expenses that exceed the Travel Award amount;
  • Provide an abstract (ideally the abstract for submission). The abstract you submit should reflect your own current data collected while you have been at the NIMH. The data must be recent, either unpublished, submitted, accepted, in press, or published in the current year.
  • Provide the meeting information and a brief explanation describing how attending and presenting at the meeting will benefit your career.

2018 Award Recipients

  • Elisa Dumett, B.A., Psychosis and Cognitive Studies Section
  • Jennifer Evans, Ph.D., Section on Neurobiology and Treatment of Mood Disorders
  • Rossella Falcone, Ph.D., Section on Neural Coding and Computation
  • Adrian Gilmore, Ph.D., Section on Cognitive Neuropsychology
  • Anita Harrewijn, Ph.D., Section on Development and Affective Neuroscience
  • Kiana Khosravian, B.S., Mood and Brain Development Unit
  • Billy Kim, B.A., Human Brain Collection Core
  • Xiaoyu Ma, Ph.D., Section on Synapse Development and Plasticity
  • Margaret Rose Mahoney, B.A., NIH Psychiatry Consultation Liaison Service
  • Ajay Nadig, B.A., Developmental Neurogenomics Unit
  • Shovan Naskar, Ph.D., Unit on Functional Neural Circuits
  • Sarah A. Rudzinskas, Ph.D., Behavioral Endocrinology Branch
  • Jakob Seidlitz, B.S., Developmental Neurogenomics Unit
  • Elena Waidmann, B.A., Section on Cognitive Neurophysiology and Imaging