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Office of Technology Transfer - Available Technologies

Technologies Available for License

The following NIMH technologies are available for license inquiries. Please direct your queries to the NIMH Technology Transfer Office.  For additional information, see our Licensing Information page. To review model PHS license agreements, please stop by our Downloadable Forms and Viewers page.

For written inquiries, please contact the NIMH Technology Transfer Office at the following mailing Address: Building 10, Room 4N222 [MSC 1381], National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD 20892-1381. Thank you.

Novel Isoform of KCNH2 for the Treatment of Schizophrenia

Lead inventor: Daniel R. Weinberger

IP Protection: US Appl No. 12/593,159 filed 25 Sept 2009

Licensing Information:
HHS No. E-245-2006/0
Charlene A. Sydnor

Related Research Materials:
Inducible COMT-Val Mice [E-110-2010]
Inducible KCNH2 3.1 Transgenic Mice [E-119-2010]

Screen for Cognitive Enhancers and Anti-Epileptics

Lead inventor: Dietmar Plenz

A novel pattern of locally synchronized activity arising from intrinsic properties of the network of neurons in the frontal cortex that follows power law is called Neuronal Avalanche. A ‘critical state’ for Neuronal Avalanche was determined using distribution of neuronal avalanche size. Based on the determined ‘critical state’ for neuronal avalanche size cognitive functions relating to the prefrontal and frontal cortex can be determined. This invention discloses the use of Neuronal Avalanche Size to screen for drugs that either alter functions of the frontal cortex (working memory, reasoning, decision processing, etc.) or alleviate or promote epileptic activity.

IP Protection: US Appl No. 11/990,419 filed 14 Aug 2006
Licensing Information:
HHS No. E-294-2005/1
Charlene A. Sydnor

Collaborative Research Opportunities:
Suzanne Winfield
301 402-4324

Other Selected Technologies:

High Affinity Ligands for Imaging Human Brain mGlur5 Receptors with PET
Inventor: Victor W. Pike
HHS No. E-262-2009/0

Potential Therapeutic Drugs for Schizophrenia 
Inventor:Amanda J. Law
HHS No. E-054-2009/0

Prognostic Screen for Effectiveness of Anti-Depressant Medications
Inventor: Francis J. McMahon
HHS No. E-034-2008/0

Beta-Amyloid PET Imaging Agents
Inventor: Lisheng Cai
HHS No. E-156-2006/0

Radiotracers for Imaging P-glycoprotein Transporter Function
Inventor: Victor Pike
HHS No. E-318-2007/0

Collaborative Research Opportunities contact:

>Suzanne Winfield

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