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Link Here What You Will Find At This Site. . .
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office A searchable source of US patents and "prior art," including weekly patent bibliographic raw data, as well as important US and international legal materials in the field of intellectual property.
European Patent Office Patent information for all 18 member states of the European Patent Organization.
(Association of University Technology Managers)
A rich source of information on organizations and companies involved in technology transfer, lists of available technology from academic institutions, Government, and other sources, and sample institutional policies and agreements, including the Uniform Biological Materials Transfer Agreement (UBMTA), as well as law, finance, and marketing resources.
US House of Representatives Law Library A searchable, full-text source of the body of United States statutory code (USC) and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs), including those relied upon in all model PHS forms and agreements, viz.FOIA, 5 USC §552; Federal Technology Transfer Act, 15 USC §3710 (as amended); Federal Tort Claims Act, 28 USC §2671 et seq.; Anti-Deficiency Act, 31 USC §1341 (prohibition against Federal indemnification); 35 USC §202 et seq. (protection of intellectual property rights); Protection of Human Subjects, 45 CFR Part 46, et al.
Ladas & Parry Case summaries and legal analysis in the field of US and foreign patent practice, with careful attention to the prosecution and litigation of process claims for chemical and biotechnological inventions.