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Subconstruct: Habit - PVS

RDoC Classification

Domain: Positive Valence Systems > Construct: Reward Learning


Sequential, repetitive, motor, or cognitive behaviors elicited by external or internal triggers that, once initiated, can go to completion without constant conscious oversight. Habits can be adaptive by virtue of freeing up cognitive resources. Habit formation is a frequent consequence of reward learning, but its expression can become resistant to changes in outcome value. Related behaviors could be pathological expression of a process that under normal circumstances subserves adaptive goals.


Acetylcholine Co-released neuromodular glutamate CREB dopamine and dopamine-related molecules FosB


Dopaminergic neurons medium spiny neurons Substantia Nigra


dorsal striatum Medial Prefrontal Cortex SN/VTA Ventral striatum


Compulsive behaviors Repetitive behaviors Stereotypic behaviors


Aberrant behaviors checklist Measures of repetitive behaviors


Devaluation task Habit Learning Task Habit Task