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Subconstruct: Reward Prediction Error

RDoC Classification

Domain: Positive Valence Systems > Construct: Reward Learning


Processes associated with the difference between anticipated and obtained rewards are important for reinforcement learning. The error can indicate that the reward received was either larger than expected (positive prediction error) or smaller than expected (negative prediction error).


Dopamine Serotonin


Amygdala Basal Ganglia dorsal ACC Lateral habenula Orbitofrontal cortex Rostral medial tegmentum Substantia nigra/VTA Ventral striatum


Cortical slow waves Heart Rate Change Skin Conductance


Goal tracking Pavlovian approach Reward-related speeding Sign tracking


Affective forecasting ASAM scale Eating Expectancy Inventory Generalized reward and punishment expectancy scale Self-report of craving TEPS anticipatory scale


Drifting Double Bandit Rutledge Passive Lottery Task