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Office of Fellowship Training (OFT)

Welcome to the Office of Fellowship Training

OFT Mission

The mission of the Office of Fellowship Training is:

  • To support and promote a productive and fulfilling research training experience in the NIMH Intramural Research Program
  • To encourage career planning and guide career management through trainee use of Individual Development Plans (IDPs)
  • To provide programs and services to assist trainees in discovering and clarifying career choices
  • To provide opportunities and to encourage trainees to build a professional skill set which enables them to become world leaders in academic and non-academic careers

Monthly Current & Alumni Fellow Highlight

Haochang Shou, Ph.D.

Haochang Shou, Ph.D.

Source: NIMH

Haochang Shou joined the Genetic Epidemiology Research Branch at NIMH in 2013 as a Pre-Doctoral Visiting Fellow. Under the supervision of Dr. Kathleen Merikangas, she focused on analyzing the accelerometry data from the NIMH Family Study of Affective Spectrum Disorders. There she had the chance to apply her statistical expertise to the novel phenotypical measures collected by wearable computing sensors. She proposed comprehensive statistical modeling approach such as functional data analysis to evaluate the associations between physical activity and mood disorders while acknowledging the high-resolution and real-time data features. Her valuable experience at NIMH has also equipped her with adequate clinical knowledge in mental health.

Haochang is now an Assistant Professor in Biostatistics at University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. In addition to her methodological research on multilevel functional and longitudinal data with complex structures, she has been expanding her collaborations in physical activity under various medical conditions. She has also been continuing collaborating with Dr. Merikangas’s research group and plans to integrate multimodal measurements from genetics, neuroimaging and activity in psychiatric settings to obtain better understanding of psychological pathophysiology.


B.Sc. in Statistics, Peking University, Beijing, China


PhD in Biostatistics, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD.