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Transforming the understanding
and treatment of mental illnesses.

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National Advisory Mental Health Council (NAMHC)

The National Advisory Mental Health Council (NAMHC) advises the Secretary of Health and Human Services; the Director, National Institutes of Health; and the Director, National Institute of Mental Health, on all policies and activities relating to the conduct and support of mental health research, research training, and other programs of the Institute.

NAMHC Roster

Recent Council Reports

Archived Council Reports

To obtain a copy of any of the reports listed below, please contact the

  • RDoC Changes to the Matrix (CMAT) Workgroup Update: Addition of the Sensorimotor Domain (PDF file, 26 pages)
  • RDoC Changes to the Matrix (CMAT) Workgroup Update: Proposed Positive Valence Domain Revisions (PDF file, 21 pages)
  • Investing in the Future
  • Transformative Neurodevelopmental Research in Mental Illness
  • MRI Research Safety and Ethics: Points to Consider
  • The Road Ahead: Research Partnerships to Transform Services — A Report by the National Advisory Mental Health Council’s Workgroup on Services and Clinical Epidemiology Research
  • Treatment Research in Mental Illness: Improving the Nation’s Public Mental Health Care through NIMH Funded Interventions Research
  • Setting Priorities for Basic Brain and Behavioral Science Research at NIMH
  • Racial/Ethnic Diversity in Mental Health Research Careers: An Investment in America's Future
  • Insurance Parity For Mental Health: Cost, Access, And Quality, (PDF file, 50 pages)
    Parity in Financing Mental Health Services: Managed Care Effects on Cost, Access, and Quality, (PDF file, 53 pages)