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R25 - R24 Grants Information

Actv Project Principal Investigator PI Email Title of Research Education Grant Abs Contact Website Focus of HIV Mentored Research Program
R25 MH080665-05 EL-BASSEL, NABILA ne5
HIV Dissemination Science Training Program for Underrepresented Investigators Abs  Website  HIV implementation science in postdoctorals from underrepresented racial minorities (URM) backgrounds
R25 MH100711-02 BROWN, AMANDA abrown76
Project Pipeline Baltimore: A Brain Sciences Program for High School Students Abs  Website  HIV neuroscience education in high school students from URM backgrounds
R25 MH097591-02 FUCHS, JONATHAN D. Jonathan.Fuchs
SHARP: Summer HIV/AIDS Research Program Abs  Website
HIV research methods training and implementation science in high school students from URM backgrounds
R25 MH080661-07 MCARTHUR, JUSTIN C. jm
Translational Research in Neuro-AIDS and Mental Health Abs  Amanda
HIV neuropathogenesis, neuroprotection and therapeutics in pre and postdoctorals from URM backgrounds
R25 MH080663-06 MORGELLO, SUSAN susan.morgello
The Mount Sinai Institute for NeuroAIDS Disparities Abs  Desiree
Website  HIV NeuroAIDS, neuropsychology, and neuropathology in pre- and postdoctorals from URM backgrounds
R25 MH067127-11 NEILANDS, TORSTEN BRIAN Torsten.Neilands
Training for Scientists Conducting Research to Reduce HIV/AIDS Health Disparities Abs  Dale
Website  HIV interventions, adherence and stigma in early- and mid-career faculty from URM backgrounds
R25 MH083635-04A1 TOWNSEND, TIFFANY G. Ttownsend
Cyber Mentors: A Training Program for HIV/AIDS Researchers Working on Health Disp Abs  Chris
HIV community oriented research in postdoctorals and early career from URM backgrounds
MURRY, VELMA MCBRIDE velma.m.murry
R25 MH084565-05 WALTERS, KARINA LYNN kw5
Indigenous HIV/AIDS Research Training (IHART) Program Abs  Meg

HIV community-based mental health research in postdoctorals from URM backgrounds
R25 MH083617-06 ZORRILLA, CARMEN D. carmen.zorrilla
University of Puerto Rico Mentoring Institute for HIV Mental Health Research Abs  Silvia E Rabionet Sabater HIV risk reduction interventions, stigma and coping in postdoctorals and early career from URM backgrounds
R25 MH081482-07 CHERNER, MARIANA mcherner
Interdisciplinary Research Fellowship in NeuroAIDS Abs  C Ingle Website 
R25 MH087217-04
Community-Based HIV Education Research Program for Diverse Scholars Abs  Kate
Website  HIV community-based participatory research in postdoctorals and junior faculty from URM backgrounds
R25 MH087222-03 CLARK, JESSE JLClark
South American Prevention of HIV Research Training Program (SAPHIR) Abs  Website  HIV clinical neuroscience in postdoctorals from all racial and ethnic groups backgrounds
R25 MH083620-06A1 FLANIGAN, TIM tflanigan
The Brown Initiative in HIV and AIDS Clinical Research for Minority Communities Abs  Joanna
HIV clinical research, medically underserved communities, in postdoctorals and early career from URM backgrounds
R25 MH064712-12 RUTHERFORD, GEORGE GRutherford
International Traineeships in AIDS Prevention Studies (ITAPS) Abs  Jeff
HIV prevention and implementation science in postdoctorals and early career from low and middle income countries
R25 MH083602-04 GOLUB, SARIT sgolub
(not an active grant) Research in HIV Intervention: Skills for Underserved Communities and Families Website 
R25 FOA 
R25 psychiatric residency programs