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Staff Listing for Division of Extramural Activities

Division of Extramural Activities

Name Title Phone Number
Waldeck, Tracy Director 301-480-6833
Lamar, Charisee Deputy Director 301-435-6977
Smith, Kendria Operations Coordinator 301-496-8732

Extramural Policy Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Charles, Zieta Committee Management Officer 301-443-1336
Dabney, Debra Program Specialist 301-443-3937
Fay-Lukic, Jelena Program Specialist 301-827-6776
Gavin-Evans, Karen Branch Chief - Supervisory Health Scientist Administrator 301-451-2356
Harris Lewis, Wanda Program Assistant (OA) 301-443-5047
Hu, Shuang-Bao Assistant Referral Officer 301-443-5160
Page, Christina Program Analyst 301-827-5821
Thai, Julie Management Analyst
Washington, Natalie Committee Management Specialist 301-555-5555

Extramural Review Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Gaiano, Nicholas Chief, Extramural Review Branch 301-827-3420
Abisaid, Evon Scientific Review Officer 301-827-0399
Balda, Victoria Management Analyst 301-402-9358
Borzan, Jasenka Scientific Review Officer
Champoux, Maribeth SRO Contractor 301-555-5555
Chu, Serena Scientific Review Officer 240-478-0008
Crosland, Richard SRO Contractor 301-694-7084
Dolan-Sewell, Regina Scientific Review & Health Scientist Administrator (administer/manage contracts or grants) 240-796-6785
Garcia, Rebecca Scientific Review Officer 301-443-4525
Kees, Chris Contract Analyst 301-480-1880
McGuire, Susan SRO Contractor 301-827-3579
Miller, David Scientific Review Officer 301-443-9734
Ortiz, Claudio Health Scientist Administrator 301-555-5555
Perez-Costas, Emma Health Scientist Administrator 301-827-9275
Schulte, Aileen Scientific Review Officer 301-443-1225
Smith, Dawn Program Specialist 301-451-3957
Sommers, David SRO Contractor 301-827-5654
Walker, Keri Grants Management Specialist 301-402-8329
Walton, Kevin SRO Contractor 301-827-4754
Washington, Thomas Contract Analyst
Wortham, Lycurtis Extramural Support Assistant 301-443-8188

Grants Management Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Jarosik, Terri Chief, Grants Management Officer 301-443-3858
Bergerud, Julie Grants Management Specialist 301-827-6184
Chavis, Monica Grants Management Specialist 301-827-5145
Chia, Jackie Grants Management Specialist 301-443-1341
Clarkson, Christine Grants Management Specialist 301-402-5756
Cummings, Lauren Grants Management Specialist 301-827-4706
Diggs, J Grants Management Specialist 301-435-1506
Dunson, Nick TITLE 301-555-5555
Fonda, John Grants Management Specialist 301-402-8158
Freund, Matt Grants Management Specialist 301-402-4897
Haag, Dustin Grants Management Specialist 301-480-0716
Hampton, Chantel Grants Program Analyst
Kees, Tamara Lead/Supv Grants Management Specialist 301-443-8811
Kirker, Mary Program Analyst 301-555-5555
Kresslein, Rosemary Grants Program Analyst 301-480-8553
Lessmeier, Michael Grants Management Specialist 301-402-6077
Lim, Cecile Extramural Support Assistant 301-563-9280
Lin, Jane Grants Management Specialist 301-443-2229
Mercogliano, Theresa Grants Management Specialist 301-451-4940
Munk, Robert Grants Management Specialist 301-443-3034
Nkansah, Betty Grants Management Specialist 301-443-7638
Oh, Chris Grants Program Analyst 301-480-1764
Paolini, Maggie Grants Management Specialist 301-443-2746
Radcliffe, William Grants Management Specialist 301-443-2762
Reeves, Sylvia Grants Management Analyst 301-761-7148
Sisco, Rita Lead/Supv Grants Management Specialist 301-443-2805
Weiss, Heather Lead/Supv Grants Management Specialist 301-443-4415