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Transforming the understanding
and treatment of mental illnesses.

Office of Research Training and Career Development


This Office supports research training at the predoctoral, postdoctoral, and early investigator level of career development in areas relevant to the focus of the Division. This includes research training and early career development in: research related to clinical trials (including preventive, treatment and rehabilitative interventions alone and/or in combination); effectiveness research; adapting interventions and demonstrating their utility in broad populations (ethnic and racial groups, comorbid disorders) for various service settings (primary care, schools, public sector); and developing research methodology and analytic procedures related to interventions and services research, clinical epidemiology, health disparities (including rural populations), and the dissemination of evidence-based treatments and research. The primary goal of this Office is to ensure that sufficient, highly trained research investigators will be available to address interventions and services research questions pertinent to mental health and mental illness and thereby to reduce the burden of mental and behavioral disorders.


Belinda Sims, Ph.D.
Division of Services and Intervention Research
6001 Executive Boulevard


The Institutional Training Program

Mentored Career Development Program

Individual Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Fellowships

Dissertation Research Grants to Increase Diversity

For a listing of Research Training Announcements, visit the NIMH page for Research Training, Career Development, and Related Programs.