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Office of Technology Development and Coordination (OTDC)


The Office of Technology Development and Coordination supports basic and applied research related to the development of scientific tools, technologies, and approaches related to brain and behavioral research, including software (e.g., neuroinformatics tools and resources), hardware (e.g., devices and instrumentation), and wetware (e.g., novel genetic methods or bioactive and molecular imaging agents). Tools and technologies should be broadly applicable to the mission of NIMH. These programs provide support through a variety of grant mechanisms, including R01, R21, and R33.

The specific functions of OTDC are to:

  • Oversee and coordinate all NIMH efforts related to research and development of technologies and scientific informatics to ensure a coherent strategic approach to the research. This includes implementing strategies to link data across new and existing NIMH and NIH data resources.
  • Develop and direct initiatives to advance technology development and scientific informatics in the service of NIMH's mission.
  • Serve as the main NIMH point of contact and representative to all trans-NIH committees and groups dealing with technology development and informatics (e.g., NIH Biomedical Informatics Coordinating Committee, NIH Human Connectome Project).
  • Oversee and coordinate the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs in each of the five NIMH extramural research divisions. The SBIR program supports research and development by small businesses of innovative technologies that have the potential to succeed commercially or to provide significant societal benefits. The STTR program has the same objectives but requires academic research involvement.
  • Direct and continue to develop the NIH National Database on Autism Research .


Gregory K. Farber, Ph.D.
Director, Office of Technology Development and Coordination
6001 Executive Boulevard, Room 7162, MSC 9640