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Eating Disorders Myths Busted - Myth #1: You can tell by looking at someone

Myth # 1: You can tell by looking at someone that they have an eating disorder

In this first of a series of videos, Cynthia Bulik, Ph.D., of the University of North Carolina, explains why you can't tell if someone has an eating disorder by their appearance. The video was excerpted from a talk, "Eating Disorders Essentials: Replacing Myths with Realities," presented at the NIMH Alliance for Research Progress Winter Meeting, February 7, 2014 in Rockville, MD.

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>>Bulik: Now the first myth: You can tell by looking at someone whether they have an
eating disorder. This is a myth that you have to bust. Eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, with the new DSM-5, you can be at normal or overweight and still get a diagnosis of atypical anorexia nervosa if you have lost a lot of weight. Similarly we will learn about binge eating disorders soon, but you don't have to be overweight or obese to have binge eating disorder. It can happen anywhere along the BMI spectrum.

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