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Severe Irritability


ANNOUNCER: You’ve tried your best, and you still feel like you’re walking around eggshells with your child.  You’ve tried your hardest, and your child still explodes with anger over the most reasonable requests. It’s so hard for you to watch your child have unpredictable outbursts and push away friends. You’re not alone. We are researching why some children have extreme irritability in response to reasonable requests and life events. What comes across as temper tantrums, defiance, or explosive anger may be due to your child’s inability to tolerate bad or negative feelings. We are trying to learn more about why and how this happens with some kids. We are also developing and testing new treatments. If your child is taking medication now, they can keep taking it. Our research study is currently enrolling children between the ages of 8 and 17. There is no cost to participate, and compensation is provided. Join A Study.