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Subconstruct: Reward Valuation

RDoC Classification

Domain: Positive Valence Systems > Construct: Approach Motivation


Processes by which the probability and benefits of a prospective outcome are computed and calibrated by reference to external information, social context (e.g., group input, counterfactual comparisons), and/or prior experience. This calibration is influenced by pre-existing biases, learning, memory, stimulus characteristics, and deprivation states. Reward valuation may involve the assignment of incentive salience to stimuli.


Dopamine Serotonin


Anterior medial OFC Cortico-limbic circuit Ventral limbic striatum (incl. ventral caudate) Ventral tegmental area/Substantia Nigra


BAS reward sensitivity subscale Sensitivity to Reward sub scale of the Sensitivity to Reward and Sensitivity to Punishment questionnaire


Delay discounting Probability Choice Task Willingness to Pay Task

Paradigms can be explicit or implicit.