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Ask Suicide-Screening Questions (ASQ) Toolkit Summary

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The ASQ toolkit is organized by the medical setting in which it will be used: emergency department, inpatient medical/surgical unit, and outpatient primary care and specialty clinics.

While the toolkit materials are mostly the same for all ages, there are Youth and Adult versions of some of the tools: Brief Suicide Safety Assessments (Guides and Worksheets), Nursing Scripts, Suicide Risk Screening Clinical Pathways and Training Videos.

All toolkit materials are available on the NIMH website at Questions about the materials or how to implement suicide risk screening can be directed to Lisa Horowitz, PhD, MPH at or Debbie Snyder, MSW at

ASQ Tools for All Ages and Medical Settings

  • Information Sheet
  • Screening Tool
  • Screening Tool (foreign languages)
  • Toolkit Summary
  • Patient Resource List
  • Training/Educational Videos

Tools Specific to Medical Settings

Emergency Department, Inpatient/Surgical, Outpatient/Specialty clinics

Youth versions can be used for individuals ages 8 to 24 years, and Adult versions can be used for ages 18 years and older. There is overlap and that is left to the discretion of the clinician using the tools.

  • Brief Suicide Safety Assessment Guide
  • Brief Suicide Safety Assessment Worksheet
  • Nursing Scripts
  • Parent/Guardian Flyers
  • Suicide Risk Screening Pathways (flow charts)
  • Covid-19 Suicide Risk Screening Pathways (flow charts)