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Previous Recipients of the NIMH Outstanding Resident Award - 1996

Gregory Berns, M.D., PhD - University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Sally Berry, M.D., PhD - Case Western Reserve University

Robert Buchanan, M.D. - University of Maryland

Karin Esposito, M.D., PhD - University of Miami

Charles Glatt, M.D., PhD - University of California, San Francisco

Lee Goldstein, M.D., PhD - Massachusetts General Hospital

Heather Goodman, M.D., PhD - Baylor College of Medicine

Sharon Handel, M.D. - Johns Hopkins University

Gayle Haraguchi, M.D., PhD - University of Texas Southwestern

Evan Kanter, M.D., PhD - University of Washington

Petros Levounis, M.D. - Columbia University

Faustino Lopez-Rodrigez, M.D., PhD - University of California, Los Angeles

Ramin Parsey, M.D., PhD - Duke University

Marc Potenza, M.D., PhD - Yale University

Yifang Qian, M.D., PhD - San Mateo County Health System

Elizabeth Quattrocki, M.D., PhD - McLean Hospital

Meryl Rome, M.D. - Albert Einstein College of Medicine