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Agency and Ownership

RDoC Classification

Domain: Sensorimotor Systems


The sense that one is initiating, executing, and in control of one’s volitional actions and their sensory consequences and the sense that one’s body or body parts belong to oneself. This may include the comparison of the predicted and actual sensory consequences of one’s action, awareness of the intention to move, temporal binding of self-generated action and their immediate effects, and attenuation of sensory consequences of self-generated actions.


Mirror neurons


CerebellumCorpus CallosumInferior Parietal CortexPre-Supplementary Motor AreaSensorimotor-ThalamusSomatosensory CortexSupplementary Motor Area


Efference CopyReadiness Potential


Alien Hand SyndromeFunctional Movement DisordersNeglectPerceptions of External ControlStereotypic behaviorsTics