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Construct: Declarative Memory

RDoC Classification

Domain: Cognitive Systems


Declarative memory is the acquisition or encoding, storage and consolidation, and retrieval of representations of facts and events. Declarative memory provides the critical substrate for relational representations—i.e., for spatial, temporal, and other contextual relations among items, contributing to representations of events (episodic memory) and the integration and organization of factual knowledge (semantic memory). These representations facilitate the inferential and flexible extraction of new information from these relationships.


Cholinergic Glutamatergic Noradrenergic Opioid


Glia Granule cells Inhibitory and excitatory interneurons Pyramidal cells


Extrinsic hippocampal circuitry Intrinsic hippocampal circuitry PFC and PPC interactions with multiple association cortices


AMPA-related synaptic plasticity conjunction codes frontal/temporal coordinated oscillations LTP/LTD NMDA-related synaptic plasticity place cell activity subsequent memory effect (fMRI, ERP) up/down states


Discrimination Familiarity Learning Recall Recognition


Cognitive Assessment Interview


acquired equivalence delayed recall list and story learning Paired associate learning transitive inference