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Subconstruct: Inhibition and Termination

RDoC Classification

Domain: Sensorimotor Systems > Construct: Motor Actions


Processes involved in the inhibition of motor plans, either before or after an action is initiated, and the sense that a motor plan has been successfully completed. The inhibition sub-construct is commonly operationalized as motor response inhibition and has conceptual overlaps with the Inhibition/Suppression subconstruct of the Cognitive Control construct within the Cognitive Systems domain.


Dopamine GABA Norepinephrine


Intracortical Inhibitory Interneurons Striatal Interneurons


Basal Ganglia Cerebellum Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex Frontal Eyefields Inferior Frontal Gyrus Inferior Parietal Cortex Lateral Premotor Cortex Medial Prefrontal Cortex Mid-Cingulate Gyrus Posterior Cingulate Gyrus Pre-Supplementary Motor Area Superior Parietal Cortex Supplementary Motor Area


Measurements of Cortical Inhibition Oscillatory Rhythms Prepulse Inhibition


Activity Level Automatic Obedience Catatonic Immobility Catatonic Rituals Negativism Perseveration Stereotypic behaviors Tics Utilization Behavior


Stop-Signal Reaction Time