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Language Behavior

RDoC Classification

Domain: Cognitive Systems


Language is a system of shared symbolic representations of the world, the self and abstract concepts that supports thought and communication.


Inferior frontal cortexInferior Parietal CortexInferior temporal cortexLateral superior and middle temporal corticesOverlap with memory, motor, sensory, and emotional circuits


anterior negativitiesN400P600/late positivities


Coherent discourseCoherent sentencesProduction and comprehension of words


Cognitive Assessment Interview


Language Production

Linguistic corpus-based analyses of language outputNaming

Language Comprehension

Ability to answer questions about the content of sentences and discourseAbility to distinguish between coherent and incoherent sentences and discourseDetection and classification of semantic relationships between wordsListening and reading times to critical words and regions in linguistic inputPatterns of eye movements (in eye tracking paradigms) or motor movements (in mouse tracking paradigms) to critical words and regions in linguistic inputPatterns of eye movements to non-verbal visual stimuli during spoken language comprehension (the visual world paradigm)

Experimental Manipulations

Manipulations of different types of coherence and cohesion between clauses in discourseManipulations of different types of relationships between individual words in priming paradigmsManipulations of predictability and acceptability, at different levels of representation, in a linguistic inputManipulations of relationships between language and non-verbal behaviors