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and treatment of mental illnesses.

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NAMHC Clinical High Risk for Psychosis Workgroup

| Charge |


David Henderson, M.D.
Chair and Psychiatrist-in-Chief
Boston University School of Medicine
Boston, MA


Lynsey Bilsland, Ph.D.
Wellcome Trust
London, UK

Anita Everitt, M.D., DFAPA
Director, Center for Mental Health Services
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services
Rockville, MD

Ken Duckworth, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
National Alliance on Mental Illness
Arlington, VA

Tristan Gorrindo, M.D.
Deputy Medical Director
Chief, Division of Education
American Psychiatric Association
Washington D.C.

Mona Hicks, Ph.D.
Director, Science and Technology
One Mind
Rutherford, CA

Sharon Mates, Ph.D.
Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer
Intra-Cellular Therapies, Inc.
New York, NY

Patricio O’Donnell, M.D., Ph.D.
Executive Medical Director
Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Cambridge, MA

Michael Sand, Ph.D.
Senior Clinical Program Leader
New York, NY

Adam Savitz, M.D., Ph.D.
Director, Clinical Research
Janssen Research & Development
Greenwich, CT

Pamela Wolf, PharmD
Medical Science Liaison
Otsuka Pharmaceuticals Companies (U.S.)
Fargo, ND

National Institute of Mental Health Staff

Linda Brady, Ph.D.
Federal Liaison
Director, DNBBS

Nicole North, M.P.H.
Federal Coordinator
Scientific Program Analyst, DNBBS