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Developmental and Clinical Neuroscience of HIV Prevention and Treatment Branch


This Branch supports basic behavioral and social science research, as well as the discovery, development, and testing of novel interventions needed to advance HIV prevention and care.

Research focus is encouraged on most at-risk populations and minority communities throughout the lifecycle, with particular interest in pediatric, adolescent, and aging populations. The Branch also supports epidemiological and modeling research, as well as the use of Big Data approaches that may identify or experimentally modify factors that impact HIV acquisition, HIV engagement in care and HIV outcomes.

Research focuses on the development of integrated biomedical-behavioral interventions for prevention and care and approaches to sustain protective behavior changes. Studies are also encouraged on the neurobehavioral and neuropsychiatric consequences of HIV infection throughout the lifespan, as well as clinical neuroscience-related factors that may affect the risk for acquiring HIV.

Areas of Emphasis

Clinical Neuroscience of HIV Infection Program

Infant, Child, and Adolescent HIV Research Program

Methodology and Data-Science of Behavior in HIV Program

Human Mobility and HIV

Communication, Dissemination, and Engagement Research Program for the Prevention, Treatment and Cure of HIV

HIV Testing and Social Determinants Program


Gregory Greenwood, PhD, MPH
5601 Fishers Lane, 9G19