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Alphabetical Listing of Intramural Research Staff Only

Name Classification Phone Number Details
Abel, Edwin Employee 301-496-3501 Details 
Abend, Rany Fellow 301-594-9144 Details 
Abi-Dargham, Anissa Employee 301-594-4705 Details 
Acevedo Diaz, Elia Employee 301-496-1338 Details 
Adams, Joyce Employee 301-402-3569 Details 
Adib-Samiy, Kathleen Employee 301-435-2169 Details 
Adleman, Nancy Volunteer 301-402-6100 Details 
Afraz, Arash Employee 301-443-8060 Details 
Ahmed, Sara Fellow 301-435-4944 Details 
Ahn, Kwangmi Employee 301-435-6530 Details 
Airey, Megan Fellow 301-594-5852 Details 
Akhlaghi, Kevin Fellow 301-451-4085 Details 
Akitake, Bradley Contractor 301-451-2192 Details 
Akula, Nirmala Contractor 301-451-4258 Details 
Alemayehu, Bethelhem Contractor 301-451-7774 Details 
Alexander, Lisa Volunteer 301-402-2588 Details 
Alexander-Bloch, Aaron Volunteer 310-963-9895 Details 
Allen-Worthington, Krystal Employee 301-443-7368 Details 
Alstott, Jeffrey Volunteer 301-402-2249 Details 
Altomonte, Stefano Fellow 301-451-4660 Details 
Alvarez, Gabriella Fellow 301-402-7220 Details 
Alzona, Elizabeth Employee 301-594-1089 Details 
Amara, Susan Employee 301-496-3501 Details 
Ameli, Rezvan Employee 301-402-7360 Details 
An, Li Employee 301-594-6868 Details 
Apud, Jose Employee 301-594-6561 Details 
Ardeleanu, Katherine Fellow 301-496-2179 Details 
Arizpe, Joseph Volunteer 301-435-6058 Details 
Aschrafi, Sepandarmaz Employee 301-451-4251 Details 
Auluck, Pavan Contractor 301-402-2880 Details 
Averbeck, Bruno Employee 301-594-1126 Details 
Avery, Jason Fellow 301-827-9306 Details 
Baez, Lara Fellow 301-435-6061 Details 
Baid, Simran Volunteer 301-435-6058 Details 
Bailey, Kimberlyn Fellow 301-594-8060 Details 
Bainbridge, Wilma Fellow 301-451-4412 Details 
Baker, Christopher Employee 301-435-6058 Details 
Balderston, Nicholas Fellow 301-451-5083 Details 
Ballard, Elizabeth Employee 301-435-9399 Details 
Bandettini, Peter Employee 301-402-1333 Details 
Bankson, Brett Fellow 301-435-8422 Details 
Barker, Charles Employee 301-496-2143 Details 
Barlow, Daniel Contractor 301-443-5198 Details 
Barnes, Dari-Lee Employee 301-402-1471 Details 
Barone, Jordan Fellow 301-827-7464 Details 
Barrio Paredes, Rafael Volunteer 301-496-9255 Details 
Bartholomew, Karen Employee 301-496-4304 Details 
Bartolo Orozco, Ramon Fellow 301-451-7995 Details 
Barton, Timothy Contractor 301-451-4453 Details 
Basile, Benjamin Fellow 301-496-0061 Details 
Baweke, Lenegereshe Employee 301-402-9111 Details 
Beas Alvarez, Blanca Fellow 301-435-5776 Details 
Beebe, Carolyn Employee 301-402-3120 Details 
Behrens, Brigid Fellow 541-231-8030 Details 
Bell, Justin Contractor 301-675-3087 Details 
Bellamy, Gail Employee 301-402-7956 Details 
Bellamy, Iain Volunteer +44 1865291510 Details 
Belouad, Francesca Employee 301-402-5258 Details 
Ben Dor, Rivka Volunteer 301-594-7384 Details 
Bender, Charles Employee 301-496-0501 Details 
Bennett, Thomas Contractor 301-435-3528 Details 
Benson, Brenda Employee 301-496-6825 Details 
Berkson, Joann Employee 301-451-0167 Details 
Berman, Erin Employee 301-435-1196 Details 
Berman, Karen Employee 301-496-7603 Details 
Berman, Rebecca Employee 301-402-7623 Details 
Besancon, Emily Contractor 301-594-0576 Details 
Blackmon, Kimberly Contractor 301-496-7338 Details 
Blair, Robert Volunteer 301-496-5198 Details 
Blanco, Pedro Contractor 301-451-5915 Details 
Blumenthal, Jonathan Employee 301-435-4516 Details 
Bohn, Simon Fellow 301-443-7479 Details 
Bondar, Igor Volunteer 301-443-7479 Details 
Bonner, Tom Volunteer 301-652-8020 Details 
Boroshok, Austin Fellow 301-827-7720 Details 
Bose, Melanie Employee 301-451-8537 Details 
Bowman, Yvonne Fellow 301-443-7479 Details 
Brannan, Matthew Contractor 301-642-6677 Details 
Breslow, Regina Volunteer 301-451-2123 Details 
Brettschneider, Thomas Fellow 301-402-1688 Details 
Brewer, Michelle Employee 301-451-4743 Details 
Brintnall-Karabelas, Julie Employee 301-402-6787 Details 
Britton, Jennifer Volunteer 305-284-4943 Details 
Brodie-Kommit, Justin Volunteer 301-435-6061 Details 
Brooks, Julia Fellow 316-617-8470 Details 
Brotman, Melissa Employee 301-435-6645 Details 
Brown, James Volunteer Details 
Brown, Kayla Contractor 301-435-6650 Details 
Browning, Philip Employee 301-443-7466 Details 
Brugarolas Brufau, Pedro Guest 301-594-1089 Details 
Brutsche, Nancy Employee 301-435-8758 Details 
Buck, Justin Volunteer 301-594-3692 Details 
Buckley, Ashura Employee 301-496-5190 Details 
Burge, Bradford Contractor Details 
Burge, Christopher Contractor 240-394-0741 Details 
Burkhardt, Stephen Contractor 410-987-3117 Details 
Burlin, Thomas Employee 301-496-6901 Details 
Butler, Patricia Contractor 301-451-5871 Details 
Butts, Daniel Volunteer 301-443-7479 Details 
Cadman, Mary Employee 301-402-6842 Details 
Cai, Lisheng Employee 301-451-3905 Details 
Callicott, Joseph Employee 301-402-3081 Details 
Camalier, Corrie Fellow 301-443-8603 Details 
Cameron, Heather Employee 301-496-3814 Details 
Cameron, Jennifer Employee 301-402-9356 Details 
Caplan, Aviva Fellow 301-435-4926 Details 
Cardenas, Ana Contractor 301-451-0081 Details 
Cardenas, Sofia Fellow 805-558-9547 Details 
Cardinale, Elise Fellow 301-451-1161 Details 
Carver, Frederick Contractor 301-402-2378 Details 
Chai, Yuhui Fellow 301-402-8174 Details 
Chaturvedi, Rahul Fellow 301-496-9255 Details 
Chaudhry, Amjad Employee 301-402-0784 Details 
Chen, Cai Employee 301-402-2366 Details 
Chen, Gang Contractor 301-594-9193 Details 
Chen, Jingshan Employee 301-451-9839 Details 
Chen, Ping-Yu Employee 301-443-7681 Details 
Cheung, Sally Employee 301-435-8968 Details 
Chillakuru, Yeshwant Fellow 301-594-1089 Details 
Chlebowski, Colby Contractor 301-496-1338 Details 
Choque, Claudia Contractor 301-402-3149 Details 
Christensen, Monese Employee 301-443-7339 Details 
Chuang, De Maw Volunteer 301-496-4915 Details 
Chudasama, Yogita Employee 301-594-4186 Details 
Chung, Joyce Employee 301-443-8466 Details 
Ciesinski, Nicole Fellow 301-443-7479 Details 
Clark, Janet Employee 301-451-4512 Details 
Clark, Jeffrey Contractor 301-594-1278 Details 
Clasen, Liv Employee 301-435-4513 Details 
Clayton, Michal Fellow 781-820-9286 Details 
Coleman, Brian Employee 301-443-7479 Details 
Collins, Meghan Fellow 301-435-4928 Details 
Colloca, Luana Volunteer 301-496-0394 Details 
Colon, Emilia Employee 301-402-9216 Details 
Condon, Ellen Employee 301-402-8253 Details 
Cook, Anna Fellow 301-402-2822 Details 
Cook, Michelle Contractor 301-443-7569 Details 
Cooke, Spencer Fellow 301-451-7776 Details 
Coon, Matthew Fellow 301-451-7876 Details 
Coppersmith, Daniel Fellow 508-574-1808 Details 
Coppola, Richard Employee 301-402-7345 Details 
Corgiat, Brian Volunteer 301-451-0458 Details 
Cornell, Ashley Fellow 301-496-4406 Details 
Corona, Winston Contractor 301-451-4256 Details 
Costa, Vincent Employee 301-402-7332 Details 
Courey, Karis Fellow 301-443-8855 Details 
Courtney, Kenan Fellow 301-496-8045 Details 
Cox, Robert Employee 301-594-9196 Details 
Craddock, Kirsten Fellow 301-496-6080 Details 
Cravedi, Kevin Contractor 301-435-7543 Details 
Cross, Joanna Fellow 301-451-9749 Details 
Crossen, Chelsie Fellow 301-496-8287 Details 
Crutcher, Jason Fellow 301-435-4491 Details 
Csumitta, Kelsey Fellow 301-435-4931 Details 
Cui, Lihong Employee 301-594-9397 Details 
Cummins, Alexander Employee 301-443-7653 Details 
Curhan, Alexa Fellow 301-451-7248 Details 
Currin, Danielle Fellow 301-451-7933 Details 
Cymerblit-Sabba, Adi Employee 301-296-0514 Details 
Czarapata, Jasmin Employee 301-435-7645 Details 
Dagnew, Fetene Contractor Details 
Das, Saumitra Employee 301-435-4593 Details 
Davies, Riley Fellow 301-451-3905 Details 
Davis, Mollie Employee 301-496-0650 Details 
De Albuquerque, Daniela Fellow 301-451-4849 Details 
Deguzman, Theresa Employee 301-594-0389 Details 
Dehaut, Kalene Employee 301-594-3188 Details 
Del Balzo, Vincent Contractor 301-435-8974 Details 
Deng, Zhi-De Employee 301-594-0387 Details 
Der Minassian, Violette Employee 301-443-8334 Details 
Derbyshire, John Employee 301-594-7129 Details 
Deson, Joshua Fellow 301-451-2123 Details 
Detera Wadleigh, Sevilla Employee 301-496-8089 Details 
Deuitch, Lora Fellow 301-594-5721 Details 
Diao, Feici Employee 301-402-1471 Details 
Diao, Fengqiu Employee 301-594-9918 Details 
Dick, Rachel Fellow 301-451-9219 Details 
Dickerson, Kecia Contractor 301-451-4453 Details 
Dickinson, Dwight Employee 301-451-2123 Details 
Dickter, Adam Fellow 301-435-6058 Details 
Diggs-Galligan, Sophia Fellow 301-443-7401 Details 
Dillard Broadnax, Diane Contractor 301-496-7962 Details 
Dipietro, Jennifer Fellow 301-496-9255 Details 
Do, Quyen Fellow 301-594-1374 Details 
Dold, George Employee 301-435-3529 Details 
Donghyun, Kim Fellow 301-443-8855 Details 
Drake, Dorothy Employee 301-496-1338 Details 
Drake, Julia Employee 301-402-0408 Details 
Drevets, Michele Volunteer 301-496-9802 Details 
Driver, David Contractor 301-496-1683 Details 
Du Hoffmann, Johann Employee 301-435-4672 Details 
Duan, Kaizheng Employee 301-451-4575 Details 
Dubey, Neelima Volunteer 301-594-5503 Details 
Duffy, Samuel Fellow 301-451-9220 Details 
Duncan, Wallace Contractor 301-496-9783 Details 
Ebron, Janet Employee 301-402-9926 Details 
Eiden, Lee Employee 301-496-4110 Details 
Eiden, Maribeth Employee 301-402-1641 Details 
Eisenberg, Daniel Employee 301-402-5483 Details 
Eldridge, Mark Employee 301-496-5625 Details 
Elliott, Amicia Fellow 301-451-6278 Details 
Elliott, Maxwell Volunteer 301-827-7720 Details 
Elliott, Samuel Fellow 301-435-7645 Details 
Embrey, Warren Contractor 301-594-8174 Details 
Emery, Andrew Employee 301-594-5117 Details 
Engel, Chana Employee 301-435-1553 Details 
Ephrem, Daniel Contractor 301-496-5190 Details 
Ernst, Monique Employee 301-402-9355 Details 
Eshete, Yetemwork Employee 301-435-6049 Details 
Etersque, Jean Fellow 301-451-3909 Details 
Evans, Anne Contractor 301-451-5989 Details 
Evans, Jennifer Employee 301-402-9349 Details 
Fahringer, Kenneth Contractor 410-746-1596 Details 
Falcone, Rossella Fellow 301-496-5625 Details 
Farmer, Cristan Employee 301-435-3999 Details 
Feldman, Julia Fellow 301-451-6817 Details 
Fellows, James Employee 301-496-9386 Details 
Feng, Ningping Employee 301-451-7703 Details 
Fenollar Ferrer, Maria Cristina Employee 301-451-7376 Details 
Fernandez, Diego Employee 301-435-6061 Details 
Ferraris Araneta, Maria Employee 301-496-9423 Details 
Filippi, Courtney Fellow 410-507-7074 Details 
Finn, Emily Fellow 301-496-8174 Details 
Finnegan, Ronald Employee 301-594-3607 Details 
Fish, Ari Fellow 301-496-7733 Details 
Flessert, Molly Fellow 301-443-8789 Details 
Flores-Carrera, Aidith Volunteer 301-496-5223 Details 
Flynn, Shannon Employee 301-594-5921 Details 
Fradkin, Samantha Fellow 301-402-2444 Details 
Franco, Jaclyn Employee 301-435-9631 Details 
Frankland, Michael Fellow 301-443-3007 Details 
Fredericks, Jennifer Fellow 301-443-7361 Details 
French, Jerry Fellow 301-496-5323 Details 
Friar, Mary Fellow 301-402-6976 Details 
Fromm, Stephen Volunteer 301-451-9265 Details 
Fuchs, Bari Fellow 301-451-5087 Details 
Fujita, Masahiro Employee 301-451-8898 Details 
Fukushima, Makoto Volunteer 301-443-7458 Details 
Furey, Maura Volunteer 301-451-4085 Details 
Gale, Jenna Fellow 301-594-8380 Details 
Gallagher, Evan Fellow 301-435-1695 Details 
Gallo, Ivan Carlos Fellow 301-496-9255 Details 
Gao, Winni Fellow 301-594-2269 Details 
Gebremariam, Abigael Volunteer 301-451-8281 Details 
Gerfen, Charles Employee 301-443-1001 Details 
Ghane-Ezabadi, Merage Fellow 301-435-4935 Details 
Giesen, Holly Employee 301-435-8982 Details 
Gilbert, Jessica Employee 301-443-3721 Details 
Gilmore, Adrian Fellow 301-402-7471 Details 
Gioio, Anthony Employee 301-402-7897 Details 
Gladding, Robert Contractor 301-594-1432 Details 
Glander, John Contractor 703-583-4289 Details 
Glasser, Carla Employee 301-496-9347 Details 
Glaus, Jennifer Fellow 301-435-2206 Details 
Glen, Daniel Employee 301-451-6236 Details 
Gochman, Peter Employee 301-435-5552 Details 
Goel, Kunal Fellow 301-451-9616 Details 
Goff, Allison Fellow 301-594-5503 Details 
Gogtay, Nitin Employee 301-443-6776 Details 
Gold, Andrea Fellow 301-594-9145 Details 
Gold, Philip Employee 301-496-1945 Details 
Golomb, Justin Contractor Details 
Gomez, Sandy Contractor 301-451-4512 Details 
Gonzalez-Castillo, Javier Employee 301-594-9191 Details 
Gorka, Adam Fellow 301-451-2694 Details 
Gotts, Stephen Employee 301-435-4948 Details 
Grant, Paul Employee 301-435-6651 Details 
Gray, Johnetta Employee 301-496-0717 Details 
Gregory, Michael Employee 301-402-1371 Details 
Grillon, Christian Employee 301-594-2894 Details 
Groen, Iris Fellow 301-435-8905 Details 
Grogans, Shannon Fellow 708-710-1604 Details 
Gu, Qinhua Employee 301-443-6886 Details 
Guerrieri, Gioia Volunteer 301-594-5503 Details 
Guo, Wei Employee 301-402-6817 Details 
Gupta, Madeline Employee 301-402-9351 Details 
Guzman, Irene Fellow 301-496-9255 Details 
Haas, Sara Fellow 203-550-4597 Details 
Halberstadt, Alexandra Fellow 301-435-0686 Details 
Hall, Andrew Fellow 301-402-1379 Details 
Hall, Elizabeth Fellow 301-435-8422 Details 
Haller, Simone Fellow 301-451-8861 Details 
Handwerker, Daniel Employee 301-402-1359 Details 
Harel, Assaf Volunteer 301-496-4931 Details 
Harkless, Lee Fellow 301-402-3120 Details 
Harvey, Carla Contractor 301-443-8855 Details 
Hattar, Samer Employee 301-435-1887 Details 
Hawariat, Girma Employee 301-402-8039 Details 
He, Jian-Ping Employee 301-496-7655 Details 
Heath, Debra Employee 301-435-4931 Details 
Hebart, Martin Fellow 301-451-1669 Details 
Heckelman, Adina Fellow 301-594-6481 Details 
Hegarty, Catherine Volunteer 301-827-7832 Details 
Hejazi, Nadia Employee 301-496-4440 Details 
Henry, Jennifer Fellow 301-496-6058 Details 
Henry, Katharine Fellow 301-594-5661 Details 
Henry, Laura Fellow 301-435-6653 Details 
Henter, Ioline Employee 301-402-1123 Details 
Herkenham, Miles Employee 301-496-8288 Details 
Higham, Christopher Fellow 301-496-8287 Details 
Hinkle, Erika Fellow 301-496-6080 Details 
Hirsch, Joan Employee 301-451-3769 Details 
Histed, Mark Employee 301-402-9208 Details 
Hollingsworth, James Fellow 301-435-6652 Details 
Holroyd, Thomas Employee 301-402-2362 Details 
Hommer, Rebecca Employee 301-435-3785 Details 
Hong, Ji Fellow 301-496-5625 Details 
Hong, Jinsoo Employee 301-451-3929 Details 
Hood, Patricia Employee 301-435-6650 Details 
Hopkins, Matthew Volunteer 301-594-7378 Details 
Horowitz, Lisa Employee 301-435-6052 Details 
Hou, Liping Employee 301-451-7213 Details 
Howard, Donna Employee 301-496-4588 Details 
Howell, Jerry Contractor 410-825-4931 Details 
Hsiung, Abigail Fellow 301-451-7996 Details 
Huang, Tianjian Contractor 301-402-3121 Details 
Huber, Laurentius Fellow 301-402-7298 Details 
Huddleston, David Employee 240-436-2095 Details 
Huggins, Jefferson Fellow 301-435-5768 Details 
Hwang, Jaewon Employee 301-451-3953 Details 
Ianni, Angela Fellow 301-451-4686 Details 
Ide, David Employee 301-435-3534 Details 
Imamovic, Vesna Contractor 301-402-2754 Details 
Ingeholm, John Employee 301-435-4940 Details 
Innis, Robert Employee 301-594-1368 Details 
Jacobowitz, David Volunteer 301-295-3519 Details 
Jacobs, Jessica Fellow 301-496-5625 Details 
James, Clarissa Fellow 301-435-1566 Details 
Jangraw, David Fellow 301-402-1342 Details 
Janini, Daniel Fellow 301-402-7511 Details 
Japee, Shruti Employee 301-451-8867 Details 
Jarcho, Johanna Volunteer 301-594-9145 Details 
Jaskot, Emilia-Marie Fellow 301-443-7479 Details 
Jasmin, Kyle Volunteer 301-451-2223 Details 
Jazi, Everly Fellow 301-402-4961 Details 
Jiang, Sunny Employee 301-496-9697 Details 
Jiang, Xueying Employee 301-443-0404 Details 
Johns, Jordan Fellow 301-496-1172 Details 
Johnson, Christopher Contractor 301-402-6695 Details 
Johnson, Marilyn Contractor 301-594-5503 Details 
Jolkovsky, Libby Employee 301-402-9347 Details 
Jones, Aikeen Contractor 301-594-0052 Details 
Jordan, Jessica Fellow 301-435-4931 Details 
Joseph, Lisa Contractor 301-435-7958 Details 
Jung, Benjamin Fellow 301-435-1566 Details 
Kadriu, Bashkim Employee 301-451-0749 Details 
Kaiser, Ariela Fellow 301-451-4428 Details 
Kalinowski, Sarah Fellow 301-402-4419 Details 
Kalra, Simran Volunteer 301-435-6204 Details 
Kan, Chung Contractor 301-435-7522 Details 
Kang, Lu-Yi Fellow 301-443-8855 Details 
Kang, Sun Jung Employee 301-496-4381 Details 
Kanold, Patrick Volunteer 301-405-5741 Details 
Kaplan, Barry Employee 301-435-8978 Details 
Kara, Ali Fellow 301-496-9255 Details 
Karaskiewicz, Chloe Fellow 301-443-9032 Details 
Karimipanah, Yahya Fellow 301-451-7843 Details 
Karlsson, Camilla Employee 301-451-8281 Details 
Kaskan, Peter Contractor 301-443-7341 Details 
Kassem, Layla Contractor 301-451-4255 Details 
Keator, Emily Fellow 301-496-9697 Details 
Keren, Hanna Fellow 301-594-9959 Details 
Khojandi, Arman Volunteer 301-435-4593 Details 
Kidder, Alexis Fellow 301-435-6058 Details 
Kigar, Stacey Fellow 301-496-8287 Details 
Kim, Jeong Hwa Volunteer 301-435-4599 Details 
Kim, Min Jeong Fellow 301-451-8894 Details 
Kimmich, Sara Fellow 301-496-8174 Details 
King, Jewell Employee 301-402-2094 Details 
King, Marcie Volunteer 301-435-4931 Details 
Kippenhan, Jonathan Contractor 301-496-9656 Details 
Kircanski, Katharina Employee 301-451-8442 Details 
Koele, Elissa Fellow 301-435-1566 Details 
Kohn, Philip Employee 301-496-8304 Details 
Koita, Omar Fellow 301-402-8340 Details 
Kolachana, Bhaskar Employee 301-402-2823 Details 
Kolasinski, James Volunteer 301-496-8174 Details 
Koleosho, Josiah Contractor Details 
Kowalak, Jeffrey Employee 301-496-4242 Details 
Kramer, Robin Contractor 301-451-4726 Details 
Kravitz, Alexxai Employee 301-496-6896 Details 
Kreisl, William Volunteer 301-451-8894 Details 
Kuhney, Franchesca Fellow 301-435-7645 Details 
Kumar, Susheel Fellow 301-435-4931 Details 
Kundu, Prantik Volunteer 301-594-2894 Details 
Kuo, Jonathan Contractor 301-451-6731 Details 
Kwok, Wan Fellow 301-435-6058 Details 
Lago, Tiffany Employee 301-402-4897 Details 
Lahat, Ayelet Volunteer 301-717-8946 Details 
Lalonde, Francois Employee 301-642-5126 Details 
Langel, Jennifer Fellow 301-435-6061 Details 
Lanzillo, Elizabeth Fellow 301-451-2114 Details 
Laryea, Gloria Fellow 301-496-7522 Details 
Lateef, Tarannum Volunteer 703-786-4786 Details 
Lazarchik, Andrew Fellow 301-435-5472 Details 
Leathers, Marvin Fellow 301-496-0069 Details 
Lee, David Employee 301-435-4510 Details 
Lee, Jong Hwan Volunteer 301-496-8174 Details 
Lee, Soohyun Employee 301-402-6777 Details 
Lee, Su Hyun Fellow 301-594-2768 Details 
Lee, Sue-Hyun Volunteer 301-435-6058 Details 
Leeds, Peter Employee 301-496-7761 Details 
Leedy, Caitlin Fellow 301-402-9216 Details 
Legon, Wynn Volunteer 301-495-4931 Details 
Lehmann, Michael Employee 301-402-3243 Details 
Lehner, Thomas Employee 301-443-1706 Details 
Leibenluft, Ellen Employee 301-496-9435 Details 
Lemons, Abigail Fellow 301-402-2822 Details 
Lener, Marc Employee 301-435-1606 Details 
Leng, Yan Employee 301-402-2583 Details 
Leopold, David Employee 301-594-0582 Details 
Lerchner, Walter Employee 301-435-3583 Details 
Levenstein, Jacob Fellow 301-496-8174 Details 
Leventhal, Michael Fellow 301-496-7368 Details 
Lewis, Krystal Contractor 301-594-0876 Details 
Lewis, Tywan Contractor 301-496-9386 Details 
Li, Linqing Employee 301-402-9409 Details 
Li, Ningzhi Employee 301-594-0962 Details 
Li, Shizhe Employee 301-435-8859 Details 
Li, Xinjian Employee 301-451-8347 Details 
Li, Zheng Employee 301-594-2269 Details 
Lin, Margaret Fellow 301-496-7761 Details 
Lindberg, Anton Fellow 301-435-7847 Details 
Linke, Julia Fellow 301-435-6649 Details 
Lins Ribeiro, Tiago Fellow 301-451-9616 Details 
Liow, Jeih-San Employee 301-451-8862 Details 
Lipska, Barbara Employee 301-496-9501 Details 
Lisanby, Sarah Employee 301-435-8031 Details 
Listwak, Samuel Employee 301-496-3308 Details 
Liu, Jeffrey Fellow 301-402-4961 Details 
Liu, Ning Volunteer 301-443-8483 Details 
Liu, Qing Fellow 301-594-1474 Details 
Liu, Siyuan Employee 301-435-5553 Details 
Liu, Yiyin Contractor 301-402-2816 Details 
Lokey, Savannah Fellow 301-435-4945 Details 
Lopes, Fabiana Employee 301-451-4453 Details 
Lourenco Inacio, Ana Fellow 301-451-9220 Details 
Loutaev, Inna Employee 301-496-4707 Details 
Lu, Shuiyu Employee 301-451-3904 Details 
Luan, Haojiang Employee 301-451-4015 Details 
Luber, Bruce Employee 301-451-9483 Details 
Luna, Beatriz Employee 301-496-3501 Details 
Lundgren, Dawn Employee 301-443-8630 Details 
Lundin, Nancy Volunteer 630-697-3194 Details 
Ma, Xiaoyu Fellow 301-451-4575 Details 
Maccado, Roark Contractor 301-496-2623 Details 
Macgillivray, Caroline Fellow 301-402-0239 Details 
Macleish, Peter Employee 301-594-4705 Details 
Mahoney, Margaret Fellow 301-443-3906 Details 
Malcolm, George Volunteer 301-435-4931 Details 
Malloy, Megan Employee 301-443-7479 Details 
Mallus, Thalene Employee 301-435-4934 Details 
Mammarella, Grace Fellow 301-443-7648 Details 
Mankiw, Catherine Fellow 301-435-4515 Details 
Marenco, Stefano Employee 301-435-8964 Details 
Markey, Carol Employee 301-435-5633 Details 
Markey, Sanford Volunteer 301-787-4543 Details 
Marrett, Thomas Michael Employee 301-402-1378 Details 
Martin, Alex Employee 301-435-4926 Details 
Martin, Brian Employee 240-292-0354 Details 
Martin, Christian Fellow 301-443-7479 Details 
Martinez, Pedro Employee 301-402-0615 Details 
Martinez, Sandro Contractor 301-496-9440 Details 
Martinez-Kaigi, Valeria Fellow 301-827-0963 Details 
Mastwal, Surjeet Contractor 301-451-8422 Details 
Matsumoto, Chika Fellow 301-594-9024 Details 
McBain, Ian Volunteer 301-605-3502 Details 
McCarragher, Ryan Volunteer 301-443-7479 Details 
McCartin, Mara Volunteer 301-443-7479 Details 
McMahon, Emalie Fellow 301-435-4931 Details 
McMahon, Francis Employee 301-451-4453 Details 
McNeil, Cheri Employee 301-594-1661 Details 
Mead-Nytko, Danielle Volunteer 301-435-7958 Details 
Meffert, Liana Fellow 301-402-8188 Details 
Mehren, Jennifer Employee 301-451-3810 Details 
Meisel, Christian Fellow 301-402-6806 Details 
Mejaes, Jennifer Fellow 301-443-7479 Details 
Mellem, Monika Volunteer 301-402-7471 Details 
Merikangas, Kathleen Employee 301-496-1172 Details 
Merriam, Elisha Employee 301-827-9704 Details 
Merril, Carl Volunteer 301-496-4183 Details 
Messanvi, Kokoe Fany Fellow 301-594-4569 Details 
Messinger, Adam Employee 301-435-1566 Details 
Mhoon-Mock, Whitney Volunteer 301-496-5197 Details 
Michalska, Kalina Volunteer 617-359-5405 Details 
Mikanda, Justin Contractor 301-443-7789 Details 
Millan, Sarah Fellow 301-496-9255 Details 
Miller, Damara Fellow 301-496-5625 Details 
Miller, Diana Employee 301-496-3333 Details 
Miller, Stephanie Fellow 301-402-6946 Details 
Miller, William Contractor 301-435-7847 Details 
Milleville, Shawn Employee 301-435-4943 Details 
Miranda, Princess Jade Volunteer 301-594-2269 Details 
Mishkin, Mortimer Volunteer 301-443-7478 Details 
Misra, Lisa Contractor 301-435-6061 Details 
Mitchell, Judy Contractor 301-402-2445 Details 
Mitchell, Leo Fellow 301-451-2192 Details 
Mitz, Andrew Employee 301-402-5573 Details 
Mlynaryk, Nicole Fellow 301-402-7470 Details 
Molfese, Peter Contractor 301-402-1350 Details 
Montequin, Marcela Contractor 301-435-4852 Details 
Moore, Tirin Employee 301-594-4705 Details 
Morgan, Newlin Volunteer 301-435-3528 Details 
Morse, Cheryl Employee 301-451-3910 Details 
Morse, Jacob Fellow 301-443-5210 Details 
Moyer, Mitchell Fellow 301-433-7479 Details 
Mulqueen, Ann Contractor 301-435-1553 Details 
Murphy, Aidan Fellow 301-443-8328 Details 
Murphy, Jean Volunteer 301-496-1338 Details 
Murray, Elisabeth Employee 301-443-7401 Details 
Naegele, Joseph Volunteer 301-496-8101 Details 
Nagarajan, Gurueswar Fellow 301-451-9219 Details 
Nakamura, Erin Employee 301-496-5183 Details 
Nash, Tiffany Contractor 301-443-8490 Details 
Naskar, Shovan Fellow 301-435-6061 Details 
Newman, Laura Fellow 301-402-9353 Details 
Nicholas, Mark Fellow 301-443-8547 Details 
Niciu, Mark Employee 301-594-8687 Details 
Nikolov, Vesselin Contractor 301-451-5989 Details 
Noble, Pamela Employee 301-451-2195 Details 
Noemer, Kevin Contractor 301-496-3334 Details 
Noury, Alex Employee 301-496-9848 Details 
Nugent, Allison Employee 301-451-8863 Details 
O'Brien, Madeline Fellow 301-496-9636 Details 
O'Callaghan, Georgia Fellow 301-435-6643 Details 
O'Connor, Alijah Fellow 301-496-9697 Details 
Oh, Christine Fellow 301-435-6061 Details 
Olurebi, Oluwayemisi Contractor 301-827-0024 Details 
Ooms, Maarten Fellow 301-594-6759 Details 
Osei, Ashunti Contractor 301-496-1338 Details 
Ottley, Alda Contractor Details 
Owrutsky, Zoe Fellow 301-435-6361 Details 
Page, Emily Employee 301-451-4374 Details 
Pagliaccio, David Fellow 301-827-9804 Details 
Paksarian, Diana Fellow 301-496-7447 Details 
Paletzki, Ronald Employee 301-443-0711 Details 
Panja, Debabrata Employee 301-594-2269 Details 
Pao, Maryland Employee 301-496-1338 Details 
Park, Lawrence Employee 301-496-1063 Details 
Park, Sanghoon Fellow 301-435-5472 Details 
Park, Soo Hyun Fellow 301-451-2651 Details 
Paul, Soumen Fellow 301-451-5014 Details 
Pavletic, Adriana Employee 301-594-7386 Details 
Pekar, Margaret Employee 301-402-1084 Details 
Penzo, Mario Employee 301-451-7296 Details 
Pereira, Francisco Employee 301-496-8174 Details 
Perhamus, Gretchen Fellow 301-451-6701 Details 
Perica, Maria Fellow 301-402-6976 Details 
Perkins, Madeleine Fellow 301-451-9219 Details 
Perlstein, Samantha Fellow 703-819-6731 Details 
Peschardt, Karina Volunteer 301-496-5198 Details 
Peterson, Martiz Employee 301-435-4505 Details 
Peterson, Ssence Contractor 301-435-6649 Details 
Pham, Phuoc Employee 301-435-3532 Details 
Phillips, Dominique Fellow 240-499-5263 Details 
Pickel, James Employee 301-594-5160 Details 
Pike, Victor Employee 301-594-5986 Details 
Pine, Daniel Employee 301-594-1318 Details 
Pitcher, David Volunteer 301-435-4931 Details 
Pittman, Brian Contractor 301-451-6233 Details 
Plenz, Dietmar Employee 301-402-2249 Details 
Potluri, Abhilash Fellow 301-402-1471 Details 
Power, Jonathan Volunteer 301-435-4931 Details 
Prabhu, Trisha Fellow 301-443-7479 Details 
Preshlock, Sean Fellow 301-435-7847 Details 
Pritchard, Bruce Employee 301-435-3527 Details 
Pujara, Maia Fellow 301-443-7479 Details 
Qi, Jia Contractor 301-402-0693 Details 
Raab, Elaine Employee 301-496-3591 Details 
Raber, James Employee 301-402-4500 Details 
Radcliffe, Jeanne Employee 301-594-7732 Details 
Radman, Thomas Employee 301-451-1902 Details 
Rajendra, Justin Contractor 301-451-6235 Details 
Rallis-Frutos, Denise Employee 301-451-9833 Details 
Ramot, Michal Fellow 301-435-4947 Details 
Rapoport, Judith Employee 301-435-4501 Details 
Rasband, Wayne Volunteer 301-642-6527 Details 
Rasetti, Roberta Employee 301-827-9185 Details 
Ravindranath, Orma Fellow 301-402-6554 Details 
Raznahan, Armin Employee 301-435-7927 Details 
Reardon, Paul Fellow 301-451-3679 Details 
Redcay, Elizabeth Volunteer 301-435-6650 Details 
Reding, Katherine Fellow 301-496-4906 Details 
Reed, Jessica Fellow 301-594-7773 Details 
Reel, Michael Contractor 301-435-4929 Details 
Reid, Aneka Employee 301-451-4512 Details 
Reifman, Ann Contractor 301-435-2393 Details 
Ressler, Kerry Employee 301-496-3501 Details 
Reynolds, Richard Employee 301-451-6234 Details 
Richards, Erica Employee 301-402-7976 Details 
Richmond, Barry Employee 301-443-7319 Details 
Rickrode, Danielle Employee 301-443-8608 Details 
Riddell, Cameron Fellow 301-451-2223 Details 
Ringelberg, Nicholas Fellow 301-594-5438 Details 
Ritter, Mckenzie Fellow 301-451-6014 Details 
Roberts, Deborah Contractor 301-594-0642 Details 
Robinson, Stephen Contractor 301-496-6886 Details 
Rodgers-Lee, John Contractor 301-402-0740 Details 
Rodriguez, Luisa Contractor 301-435-6061 Details 
Roopchansingh, Vinai Employee 301-594-9197 Details 
Ross, Andrew Fellow 301-367-8883 Details 
Roth, Zvi Volunteer 301-435-4931 Details 
Rothenhoefer, Kathryn Fellow 301-402-5452 Details 
Roule, Alexandra Fellow 301-451-7250 Details 
Rowser, Paula Employee 301-451-3877 Details 
Rubino, Annamarie Volunteer 484-680-8364 Details 
Rubinow, David Volunteer 301-594-5503 Details 
Rubinstein, Daniel Fellow 301-402-3683 Details 
Rucker, Ariana Fellow 301-496-9255 Details 
Rudzinskas, Sarah Fellow 301-594-5503 Details 
Rusch, Heather Fellow 301-594-2894 Details 
Russ, Brian Employee 301-594-9257 Details 
Russ, Jill Employee 301-402-1688 Details 
Ryan, Lauren Fellow 301-451-9220 Details 
Ryklin, Edward Contractor 646-404-4309 Details 
Ryoo, Minyoung Fellow 301-827-9704 Details 
Sachs, Jessica Fellow 301-496-1666 Details 
Sahu, Shweta Fellow 301-443-8855 Details 
Saleem, Kadharbatcha Employee 301-594-0241 Details 
Samal, Babru Volunteer 301-496-2639 Details 
Samuel, Dieudonne Contractor Details 
Santapur, Pradith Fellow 301-451-9219 Details 
Sanzeni, Alessandro Employee 301-402-9208 Details 
Sare, Rachel Fellow 301-594-0324 Details 
Sarigiannidis, Ioannis Fellow 301-496-0394 Details 
Saunders, Richard Employee 301-443-7386 Details 
Sceats, Rochelle Volunteer 301-496-5197 Details 
Schafroth, Jamie Fellow 301-443-7479 Details 
Schenkel, Linda Employee 301-496-9117 Details 
Schmidt, Natalia Fellow 301-594-0987 Details 
Schmidt, Peter Employee 301-496-6120 Details 
Schoenfeld, Timothy Fellow 301-451-8281 Details 
Scott, Robert Employee 301-402-0093 Details 
Segala, Laura Employee 301-451-8123 Details 
Seidlitz, Jakob Fellow 301-451-3579 Details 
Servis, Charles Contractor 301-496-7722 Details 
Setogawa, Tsuyoshi Fellow 301-496-5625 Details 
Shafiq, Asim Contractor 240-784-0977 Details 
Shain, Lindsey Fellow 301-496-1338 Details 
Sharma, Rajiv Contractor 301-827-9046 Details 
Sharp, Wendy Employee 301-496-0851 Details 
Shechner, Tomer Volunteer 301-594-6649 Details 
Sheeler, Carrie Fellow 301-451-8995 Details 
Shekara, Aniruddha Fellow 301-443-7479 Details 
Shellswick, Annie Contractor 301-402-9207 Details 
Shen, Hongmei Fellow 301-443-6886 Details 
Shen, Jun Employee 301-451-3408 Details 
Shepard, Emily Employee 301-496-0716 Details 
Sheppard, Brooke Volunteer 301-496-1172 Details 
Sherman, Elizabeth Employee 301-443-0340 Details 
Shetty, Umesha Contractor 301-451-3923 Details 
Shi, Kai Contractor 301-496-9349 Details 
Shin, Susie Fellow 301-594-3692 Details 
Shirazi, Talia Fellow 301-451-6711 Details 
Shora, Lorie Employee 301-496-0056 Details 
Shou, Haochang Volunteer 301-435-6061 Details 
Shovestul, Bridget Fellow 301-402-9357 Details 
Shrestha, Stal Fellow 301-594-1371 Details 
Siegel, Ethan Fellow 301-496-9255 Details 
Silson, Edward Fellow 301-496-1218 Details 
Simeon, Fabrice Employee 301-451-3907 Details 
Simmons, William Volunteer 301-435-4931 Details 
Sinclair, Stephen Employee 301-594-0234 Details 
Sirovatka, Jonathan Contractor 301-480-4389 Details 
Skarzynski, Anna Volunteer 301-273-8044 Details 
Slaughter, David Contractor 301-435-4091 Details 
Smith, Jarrod Fellow 301-443-3906 Details 
Smith, Jesse Fellow 301-496-9255 Details 
Smith, Kathryn Contractor 301-594-0854 Details 
Smith, Rachel Fellow 301-435-4925 Details 
Snider, Sam Fellow 301-496-8929 Details 
Snow, Joseph Employee 301-496-5197 Details 
Snyder, Deborah Employee 301-594-7379 Details 
Snyder, Jason Volunteer 301-451-8281 Details 
Song, Christopher Fellow 301-451-4453 Details 
Song, June Employee 301-594-2245 Details 
Sosa, Darlina Contractor 301-402-2822 Details 
Sponheim, Caleb Fellow 301-443-8948 Details 
Squires, Carol Employee 301-402-6845 Details 
Stackmann, Michelle Fellow 301-496-9255 Details 
Stanmore, Cherri Employee 301-402-6846 Details 
Stavrou, Scott Employee 301-451-9219 Details 
Steel, Adam Fellow 301-435-6058 Details 
Steele, Caronwen Contractor 301-451-4258 Details 
Steemers, Bernardus Fellow 301-443-8060 Details 
Steiger, Laurie Contractor 301-435-8970 Details 
Steinberg, Noah Fellow 301-827-9704 Details 
Stevens, William Volunteer 301-435-4926 Details 
Stewart, Craig Employee 301-402-6820 Details 
Stiles, Kelsey Fellow 301-594-0342 Details 
Strang, John Contractor 301-435-4942 Details 
Stringaris, Argyrios Employee 301-443-8019 Details 
Subar, Anni Fellow 301-435-6649 Details 
Sultan, Noah Fellow 301-402-3081 Details 
Sun, Ching-Yu Contractor 301-496-0112 Details 
Sun, Virginia Fellow 301-496-8288 Details 
Sun, Wei Fellow 301-451-7372 Details 
Sung, Michelle Volunteer 301-496-9255 Details 
Sung, Susanna Employee 301-402-3235 Details 
Sweat, Sean Fellow 301-496-9255 Details 
Swedo, Susan Employee 301-496-5323 Details 
Swetlitz, Caroline Fellow 919-606-5411 Details 
Szalayova, Ildiko Contractor 301-443-8855 Details 
Szczepanik, Joanna Contractor 301-594-9287 Details 
Taber-Thomas, Bradley Volunteer 585-704-5137 Details 
Takahashi, Matthew Contractor 301-496-1172 Details 
Taswell, Craig Fellow Details 
Taubert, Jessica Employee 301-443-8480 Details 
Taylor, Paul Employee 301-402-1352 Details 
Telu, Sanjay Employee 301-451-3930 Details 
Tenace, Michelle Employee 301-496-9385 Details 
Thomas, Adam Employee 301-402-6351 Details 
Thomas, Cibu Employee 301-594-0763 Details 
Thomas, Jeena Fellow 301-451-4085 Details 
Thompson, Karla Employee 301-594-9558 Details 
Thomsen, Michael Fellow 301-435-6061 Details 
Thurm, Audrey Employee 301-496-6768 Details 
Tobin, Maureen Employee 301-435-4518 Details 
Todman, Katherine Employee 301-496-8782 Details 
Tomeo, Olivia Volunteer 301-435-4931 Details 
Tong, Yunxia Contractor 301-594-2409 Details 
Topolski, Natasha Fellow 301-435-5028 Details 
Torres, Erin Employee 301-496-4022 Details 
Torres Salazar, Delany Employee 301-402-9286 Details 
Torrisi, Salvatore Employee 301-594-1427 Details 
Towbin, Kenneth Employee 301-402-4403 Details 
Traino, Katherine Fellow 301-451-6711 Details 
Tran, Kim-Thu Contractor 301-435-4936 Details 
Tran, Thanh Lan Employee 301-435-4508 Details 
Trang, Danny Employee 301-435-3531 Details 
Tseng, Wan-Ling Fellow 301-594-1257 Details 
Tsuda, Mumeko Employee 301-451-8281 Details 
Tsui, Megan Fellow 301-435-6061 Details 
Turchi, Janita Employee 301-443-2202 Details 
Tutmaher, Michelle Volunteer 301-496-1172 Details 
Tye, George Fellow 301-443-3007 Details 
Udawatta, Methma Fellow 301-496-9255 Details 
Underhill, Suzanne Employee 301-402-9211 Details 
Ungerleider, Leslie Employee 301-435-4932 Details 
Usdin, Theodore Employee 301-402-6976 Details 
Van Der Veen, Johan Employee 301-435-7262 Details 
Van Essen, David Employee 314-362-7043 Details 
Van Meter, Anna Volunteer 301-496-1172 Details 
Van Tassell, Dorian Employee 301-496-8174 Details 
Varada, Jan Contractor 301-496-8101 Details 
Vasudevan, Kuzhalini Employee Details 
Vaziri-Pashkam, Maryam Employee 301-496-9399 Details 
Velez Afanador, Melbaliz Fellow 301-827-0963 Details 
Vernet, Marine Employee 301-435-4927 Details 
Vicario Feliciano, Raquel Fellow 301-402-7322 Details 
Vidal-Ribas Belil, Pablo Fellow 301-451-9754 Details 
Vigil Scott, Socorro Employee 301-402-8340 Details 
Vitale, Aria Fellow 516-491-4324 Details 
Vytal, Katherine Volunteer 404-550-9315 Details 
Waidmann, Elena Fellow 301-443-7479 Details 
Waldman, Laura Employee 301-402-9348 Details 
Wallace, Gregory Volunteer 301-827-9306 Details 
Walsh, Catherine Fellow 301-402-3893 Details 
Walsh, Rachel Fellow 301-402-6395 Details 
Wang, Alice Fellow 301-451-8281 Details 
Wang, Hui Employee 301-402-8231 Details 
Wang, Kuan Employee 301-594-3692 Details 
Wasserman, Steven Fellow 301-496-9255 Details 
Wathen, Lesley Contractor 301-496-0394 Details 
Wehr, Thomas Volunteer 301-908-2787 Details 
Wei, Shau-Ming Fellow 301-594-4760 Details 
Weigel, Thaddeus Fellow 301-496-9255 Details 
Weinberg, Audrey Employee 301-435-4504 Details 
Weingard, Matthew Volunteer 301-402-6872 Details 
Wheeler, Wanda Employee 301-435-6648 Details 
White, Benjamin Employee 301-435-5472 Details 
White, Courtney Employee 301-443-8060 Details 
White, Lauren Volunteer 801-380-9039 Details 
Wiggins, Jillian Volunteer 630-730-0215 Details 
Wille, Alexandra Fellow 301-594-0583 Details 
Williams, Sarah Fellow 301-451-8332 Details 
Wills, Kathleen Fellow 301-594-7434 Details 
Wilson, James Volunteer +44 1235201852 Details 
Winkler, Anderson Volunteer 301-435-6649 Details 
Winston, Marquitta Fellow Details 
Wohltjen, Sophie Volunteer 301-451-2223 Details 
Wouhib, Abera Employee 301-594-9195 Details 
Wright, Brandon Fellow 301-594-7027 Details 
Xenophontos, Marie Anastasia Fellow 301-435-5554 Details 
Xia, Lu Volunteer 301-496-9255 Details 
Xia, Zengyan Contractor 301-402-3120 Details 
Xiao, Yao Fellow 301-435-4677 Details 
Xie, Hua Volunteer 301-496-8174 Details 
Xu, Qing Employee 301-435-1825 Details 
Xu, Wenqin Employee 301-402-5359 Details 
Yang, Bo Yeun Fellow 301-594-1388 Details 
Yang, Jiajia Volunteer 301-496-8174 Details 
Yao, Yin Employee 301-496-4341 Details 
Yarrington, Julia Fellow 301-451-0888 Details 
Ye, Frank Employee 301-594-7124 Details 
Yeager, Jennifer Contractor 301-594-1531 Details 
Yetter, Marissa Fellow 301-443-9255 Details 
Yi, Yumi Employee 301-827-0964 Details 
Yokum, Catherine Employee 301-496-7427 Details 
Young, Walter Employee 301-496-8767 Details 
Yu, David Contractor 301-594-9259 Details 
Yu, Kevin Fellow 301-496-4562 Details 
Yu, Yinghua Volunteer 301-496-8174 Details 
Yuan, Peixiong Employee 301-496-6981 Details 
Yue, Xiaomin Employee 301-443-8417 Details 
Zabala-Aleman, Gabriela Fellow 301-402-5482 Details 
Zachariou, Valentinos Fellow 301-402-3892 Details 
Zahir, Sara Volunteer 301-435-6061 Details 
Zaidman, Sofia Fellow 301-451-7891 Details 
Zarate, Carlos Employee 301-451-0861 Details 
Zawadzki, Miriam Fellow 301-402-5549 Details 
Zhang, Hui Volunteer 301-435-4931 Details 
Zhang, Susan Fellow 301-435-6647 Details 
Zhang, Wenyu Fellow 301-451-9566 Details 
Zhang, Xilin Fellow 301-435-4939 Details 
Zhang, Yan Contractor 301-451-3403 Details 
Zhang De Barrio, Limei Guest 301-496-9255 Details 
Zhao, Jun Fellow 301-443-6883 Details 
Zhou, Dale Fellow 301-435-5557 Details 
Zhou, Xueping Contractor 301-496-6080 Details 
Zhu, Chunjiang Employee 978-761-5066 Details 
Zhu, Kevin Fellow 301-451-4453 Details 
Zinnamon, Fhatarah Fellow 301-594-4043 Details 
Zoghbi, Sami Employee 301-435-7911 Details 
Zoltick, Brad Employee 301-402-3232 Details