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and treatment of mental illnesses.

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Headquarters (HQ) and Extramural Staff Organizational Locator

Office of the Director

Name Title Phone Number
Gordon, Joshua Director, National Institute of Mental Health 301-443-3673
Avenevoli, Shelli Deputy Director, National Institute of Mental Health 301-443-3673
Ampofo, Phyllis Legislative Director, National Institute of Mental Health 301-443-8530
Beckel-Mitchener, Andrea Chief, BRAIN Initiative 301-443-5288
Berman, Rebecca Social and Behavioral Sciences Administrator 301-402-8771
Churchill, James Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-3621
Cook, Nichole Management Analyst 301-555-5555
Cuthbert, Bruce Head, RDoC Unit 301-276-1076
Heinssen, Robert Health Scientist Administrator 301-435-0371
Jaycox, Lisa Special Volunteer 301-792-9278
Kinnane, Megan Senior Advisor 301-443-3679
Kurikeshu, Rebecca Program Analyst 301-451-3688
Pearson, Jane Special Advisor to the Director on Suicide Research 301-443-3598
Ramchand, Rajeev IPA - Consultant 301-555-5555
Rizvi, Syed Management Analyst 301-451-6867
Sekine, Elizabeth Operations Coordinator 301-594-9963
Vilnit, Matthew Management Analyst 301-827-1437
Wake, Sheri Management Analyst 301-480-8266
Weintraub, Brendan Suicide Research Team Program Manager 301-532-6521

Office for Disparities Research and Workforce Diversity

Name Title Phone Number
Borba, Christina Office Director, ODWD 301-827-1165
Hill, Lauren Deputy Director, ODWD 301-443-2638
Amarreh, Ishmael Program Director, NIMH Diversity Supplement Program 301-451-5132
Davis, Beshaun Program Director, Minoritized Populations Mental Health Research 301-827-5098
Haynes, Brittany Program Director, Workforce Diversity and Equity 301-496-2767
Lewis Johnson, Tamara Health Scientist Administrator 301-594-7963
McClendon, Juliette Program Director, SDMHDR 301-379-0413
Meza-Cervera, Tatiana Health Science Program / Review Officer 301-437-0670
Morales, Dawn Program Director, Rural Mental Health, ANAIMHR 301-827-9668
Pham, Stephanie Special Volunteer 555-555-5555
Tran, Jing Operations Coordinator 301-496-9501
Villatte, Jennifer Program Director, CMHER 301-451-9365

Office of Clinical Research

Name Title Phone Number
Elnaiem, Heba Special Volunteer 301-555-5555
Janicz, Katelyn Scientific Extramural Program Professional Staff (do not administer/manage contracts or grants) 301-827-7657

Clinical Trials Operations and Biostatistics Branch (HN71L3)

Name Title Phone Number
Siegel, Galia Chief, Clinical Trials Operations Branch 301-443-9284
Kennedy, Ashley Clinical Research Project Manager 301-443-3366
Shora, Lorie Clinical Trials Program Coordinator 301-435-0322
Smith, Carolina Extramural Support 301-555-5555

Human Research Protection Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Shell, Pamela Chief, Human Research and Protection Branch 301-594-2231
Ethridge, Sabiha Health Science Policy Analyst 301-443-9591
Jones, Andrew Health Science Policy Analyst 301-443-1411
Kane, Gene Health Science Policy Analyst 301-402-1210
Savage, Tanisha Program Specialist 301-480-8495
Silber, Todd Program Specialist 301-480-8369
Tigner, Ira Health Specialist 301-443-9401

Office of the Director

Name Title Phone Number
Ordonez, Anna Director, Office of Clinical Research 301-451-3758
Hart, Rossalyn Staff Assistant 301-496-0685

Office of Genomics Research Coordination

Name Title Phone Number
Avenevoli, Shelli Acting Director, Office of Genomics Research Coordination 301-443-3673

Office of National Autism Coordination

Name Title Phone Number
Daniels, Susan Director, Office of National Autism Coordination 301-443-2756
Cappuccio, Ana Operations Coordinator 301-402-4837
Isaacson, Steven Scientific Program Analyst 301-480-8095
Tager-Flusberg, Helen IACC Member 617-680-2482
Valdez-Lopez, Luis TITLE 301-435-6905

Office of Autism Research Coordination

Name Title Phone Number
Celestin, Oni Health Science Policy Analyst 301-443-4627
Ferrara, Katrina Health Science Policy Analyst 301-594-0722
Ma, Tianlu Health Science Policy Analyst 301-480-6754
Martin, Rebecca Public Health Analyst 301-435-0886
Mitrakas, Angelice Operations Coordinator 301-435-9269
Wiegand, Jeffrey Web Development Manager 301-443-5616

Office of Resource Management

Name Title Phone Number
Martino, Nicole Deputy Executive Officer 301-443-2335
Affeldt, Dietrich Management Analyst 301-555-5555
Allen, Isaac Talent Engagement Specialist 301-555-5555
Arenas-Bertol, Tananda Scientific Recruiter 301-594-3348
Barnard, Tony Project Manager 301-555-5555
Barnes, Terra Kelly Services Representative 301-435-7933
Bello, Aishatu Program Specialist 301-555-5555
Birdsong, George Management Analyst 301-480-8624
Black, Kim Chief, STARS Branch 301-480-8617
Bollineni, Reddy Prudhvi Project Manager 301-555-5555
Brewer, Niaema Supervisory Program Analyst 301-496-0973
Brigham, Aga Government Support Representative 301-555-5555
Brown, Faunai Program Manager SOAR 301-555-5555
Bugarin, Julian Contractor 817-287-9846
Bukute, Wileta TITLE 301-555-5555
Butler, Jennifer Talent Engagement Specialist 301-555-5555
Callahan, Jason Program Manager 301-555-5555
Castillo, Vanessa Employee Relations Manager 301-555-5555
Chari, Srinivas Program Manager (SOAR) 301-555-5555
Chari, Vidya Management Analyst/Program Analyst / Program Specialist 301-555-5555
Chwoinska, Malgorzata TITLE 301-242-5320-x1
Claycamp, Rebecca Contractor 301-555-5555
Contreras, Edsson Contracts Manager 555-555-5555
Coombs, Shelley Program Manager (SOAR) 301-555-5555
Corbett, Debbie Program Manager (SOAR) 248-436-4928
Darby, Cheryl Talent Engagement Specialist (SOAR) 301-555-5555
Deleonardis, John Program Manager (SOAR) 240-249-2625
Doll, Florence Sr. Government Support Representative 248-688-0043
Evans, Syreeta Management Analyst 301-480-8430
Fazio, Cameron Contractor 703-486-4382
Ferragine, Christine Program Manager 301-480-8031
Fong, Natalie Renovations Project Manager 301-555-5555
Fox, Jason Contractor 301-594-4144
Gibbons, Matt Program Manager (SOAR) 301-594-3393
Govert, Will TITLE 301-555-5555
Harris, Natalie Kelly Services Representative (Contractor) 301-242-5320
Hendrickson, Emily Management Analyst/Program Analyst / Program Specialist 301-827-0096
Hohman, Thomas Project Manager (SOAR) 301-827-0650
Holstein, Alanna Project Manager 301-443-7034
Huston, Ann Director for Management, NIMH 301-443-3673
Inuzuka, Hiroshi James Scientific Recruiter (SOAR) 301-827-6912
Jackson, Gillian Student Trainee (Administrative Support) 301-827-4661
Jackson, Joselyn Senior Program Manager (SOAR) 301-827-7003
Johnson, Erin Management Analyst 301-435-1179
Johnson, Sarah Talent Engagement Specialist 301-555-1212
Johnston, Elisa Staffing Manager 301-827-1729
Joka, Anita Supplier Relations Representative 301-402-2977
Jones, Brandon Talent Engagement Specialist 301-827-0187
Jones, Jeff Senior Accountant (SOAR) 301-555-5555
Kayhart, Kelly Program Manager (SOAR) 301-402-4468
Kennedy, Sarah Senior Program Manager 301-555-5555
Lewis, Sharron PMO Lead 301-602-9655
Locurto, Susan Kelly Services Representative 301-451-9205
Lysen-Hendershot, Kristi Task Lead 301-827-3111
Major, Christine TITLE 240-505-9591
Matic, Irma TITLE 301-402-2859
Mays, Gary Program Director (SOAR) 301-555-5555
Moseley, Ashley Management Analyst
Nealis, Stephanie Program Director (SOAR) 301-827-6025
Nelson, Dana Data Manager 406-360-0356
O'Brien, Joanne Deputy PM/Task Manager 240-619-6272
Obidike, Jaymel Task Manager 301-555-5555
Omotayo, Wunmi Program Manager (SOAR) 301-555-5555
Pearson, Jasmine Jasmine Pearson 240-756-9303
Piotter, Dd Recruiting Task Order Manager 301-555-5555
Pleasant, Kim Program Manager (SOAR) 301-555-5555
Porter, Sarah Kelly Services Representative 301-443-2180
Powell, Ryan Recruiting Task Order Manager (SOAR) 301-555-5555
Preisinger Allen, Ann Kelly Services Representative (Contractor) 301-402-7417
Puckett, Stephen Supervisory Management Analyst 301-443-4995
Puleo, Crystal VP of Contracts (SOAR) 301-555-5555
Rajan, Sathya Project Analyst (SOAR) 301-402-9303
Ruppert, Stephen Management Operations Director 301-555-5555
Scott, Holly Contractor 301-555-5555
Sharma, Hemant Program Manager 301-555-5555
Singh, Aman Accounting Manager 301-480-9629
Singh, Sandeep Program Director (SOAR) 301-555-5555
Smith, Payton Program Specialist 301-480-2198
Solis, Alexis Talent Engagement Specialist 301-555-5555
Sprouse, Sara Kelly Services Representative (Contractor) 301-827-0015
Tatge, Jackie Contractor 571-384-0491
Tatum, Tina Program Manager (SOAR) 301-555-5555
Thompson, Gabby Talent Engagement Representative 301-555-5555
Tozer, Julie SOAR Program Manager 301-555-5555
Weaver, Kellie Invoice Specialist 301-451-0828
Whiting, Korey Program Manager (SOAR) 301-555-5555
Williams, Valentay Travel Coordinator (SOAR) 301-555-5555
Yadav, Priyanka Talent Engagement Specialist 301-555-5555
Zulfiqar, Yasar Account Executive (SOAR) 301-555-5555

Ethics Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Cooper, Lauren Ethics Specialist 301-480-8497
Green, Yolanda Ethics Specialist 301-443-0039
McConnaughhay, Racheal Chief, Ethics Branch 301-827-3530
Russ, Bradley Student Trainee (Administrative Support) 301-555-5555

Extramural Administrative Services Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Augustine, Kimberly Administrative Technician 301-451-9228
Bell, Angela Staff Assistant 301-443-3641
Dowdy, Jeri Program Analyst 301-435-4325
Drayton, Karen Administrative Technician 301-443-3186
Fowler, Dani Customer Experience Onboarding Coordinator 301-496-4610
Jefferies, Charnita Procurement Services Section Chief 301-443-0146
Leone, Cheryl Administrative Officer 301-443-4633
Manna, Samer Facilities Technician 301-283-8738
Martinez Ventura, Deysi Management Analyst 301-555-5555
Nawrot, Andrew Management Analyst 301-443-9614
Ngo, Tam Administrative Officer 301-443-3531
Patterson, Chris ODEX Space and Facilities Team Lead 301-555-5555
Powell, Stephanie Administrative Officer 301-443-9774

Information Resource and Technology Management Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Dasti, Mannan Chief Information Officer 301-480-1274
Abbasov, Murad PMO Support Analyst/Lead 301-555-5555
Adetolu, Dickson CONTRACT WORKER (OTHER) 301-443-1172
Ahmed, Mohammed Business Analyst 301-496-4000
Ali, Hasnat Sr. Program Manager 301-555-5555
Ali, Syed ServiceNow Developer 301-555-5555
Anantha, Uma Senior QA Analyst 301-827-8379
Anyanwu, Ejike TITLE 301-402-3462
Bachu, Ashwini Quality Assurance Manager 301-402-8560
Ballesteros Gomez, Camila Service Desk Technician 240-889-8674
Banghart, Brian Senior .NET Developer 301-827-7205
Barajas, Mary IT Specialist 301-555-5555
Bollam, Manohar .NET Developer 301-435-5657
Carrera, Felix Service Desk Technician 301-841-5645
Chandra Sekaran Parimala, Vignesh Kumaran Developer 312-647-9831
Chintaginjala, Sreenivasu Java Developer 301-555-5555
Chowdary, Namrata Senior Java Developer 301-402-8730
Davis, Leah Service Desk Manager 301-792-4057
Devara, Sri ServiceNow Architect 301-827-1048
Diago, Thierry Service Desk Technician 240-618-9408
Dwibedi, Priyanka Java Developer 301-827-4561
Erigbuem, Nkem Senior Business Analyst 301-555-5555
Eshete, Yoseph Java Developer 301-402-6707
Faroughi, Kevin Windows Engineer 301-792-6197
Fassassi, Yabo Linux Engineer 301-555-1212
Fayyaz, Kamran Chief, Software Engineering Section 301-402-4468
Felder, Igor Systems Administrator 240-618-6820
Forney, Cheryl IT Specialist 301-443-3770
Fulmer, Ron IT Project Manager 240-988-4594
Fussell, David System Administrator 301-555-5555
Gallagher, James System Administrator 301-827-0220
Gamarnik, Oleg System Administrator 301-451-4531
Gamarnik, Yan Windows Systems Engineer 301-827-4426
Gamidi, Pavanbabu BI Developer 301-827-4480
Gordon, Craig Service Desk Technician 301-590-5084
Gulam, Zubair IT Specialist 301-827-2247
Harvey, Evay IT Specialist 301-443-2743
Hasan, Md Quality Assurance Analyst 301-555-5555
Hermach, Bill Chief, Cybersecurity Section 301-443-4534
Ilgenfritz, Wendy IT Specialist 301-496-1084
Imanli, Elshan QA Analyst 301-555-5555
Ingram, Kelli Chief, Business Intelligence Section 301-443-0206
Islam, Shafiq IT Project Manager 301-827-5353
Jacquet, Monica Chief, Project Management Section 301-555-5555
Jones, Tony IT Staff who perform IT-related work such as IT policy, desktop support, help desk, business process analysis 301-555-5555
Joseph, Philip Sr. Systems Engineer 240-856-5814
Kai-Lewis, Eric CONTRACT WORKER (OTHER) 301-827-0563
Kang, Wendy IT Specialist 301-451-9952
Katpally, Rithish Business Analyst - Level I 301-555-5555
Khan, Shabana IT Specialist 301-496-1267
Kindig, Mark Business Intelligence Developer 301-827-5441
Kommireddy, Vishnuvardhan Sr Dev Ops Engineer 555-555-5555
Komolafe Leo, Christy Scrum Master/Business Analyst 301-827-0175
Kosuri, Ravikanth IT Staff who perform IT-related work such as IT policy, desktop support, help desk, business process analysis 301-435-1741
Kothuri, Srinivas Technical Advisor 301-443-1790
Lafollette, Ivan Service Desk Technician 301-827-5158
Lawson, James Enterprise Architect 301-555-5555
Le, Anh Minh Java Developer 301-402-8150
Linsangan, Michael Albert Chief IT Operations and Technical Services 301-339-3182
Long, Christopher Cyber Security Analyst 703-344-3018
Macias, Rene IT Specialist
Mackey, Jeffrey Program Manager 301-555-5555
Marquez, Marlon Desktop Support Team Lead 301-795-8915
McMahon, Steve IT Specialist 301-443-7925
Mekonnen, Misgana Help Desk Technician 240-515-6063
Mirani, Chaitaliben Senior QA Analyst 301-555-5555
Mopsick, Marc Information Technology Specialist 301-443-1151
Nanda, Ranjan Senior Java Developer 301-827-0796
Noonan, Charles IT Specialist 301-443-4065
Osai, Victor Senior Business Analyst 301-555-5555
Owens, Donna Senior Business Analyst 301-555-5555
Panda, Pradyumna Java Developer 301-555-5555
Perera, Chanaka Technical Advisor 301-402-9301
Procope, Matthew Service Desk Technician 301-283-8640
Rajbhandari, Shilpa Business Intelligence Developer 301-402-3313
Rau, Sam Dashboard Developer 301-402-9280
Rotan, Didarul QA Analyst 301-443-3236
Santamaria, Ben Service Desk Technician 301-768-2769
Scyphers, Dale IT Specialist 301-827-7008
Selemani, Wright Team Lead 301-792-4751
Shahabdeen, Siju Application Development Manager 714-831-7150
Shrestha, Alok Senior Business Analyst 301-555-5555
Shrestha, Pragati Business Analyst - Level I 301-555-5555
Siddiqi, Mahmood Database Administrator 301-555-5555
Singer, Devon Mac Engineer
Singh, Jaskiran IT Service Director 301-555-5555
Sitharaman, Suresh Solution Architect 703-728-2060
Sonjong, Marjoh Service Desk Technician 240-885-9784
Stockschlaeder, Peter Systems Engineer 301-827-3175
Strong, Anthony IT Specialist 301-443-4818
Subbarayalu Rani, Senthil Senior ServiceNow Developer 301-555-5555
Tavedi, Vincent IT Specialist 301-435-6802
Teclegergish, Noah Database Developer 301-555-5555
Thangallapalli, Koushik IT Developer, SysAdmin, or DBA with access to a system whose users have no sensitivity level assigned 301-555-5555
Tran, Hai Mac Engineer 301-555-5555
Trencher, Daniel Training Coordinator-Digital Media Creator 301-555-5555
Turner, Sai IT Business Analyst 301-555-5555
Turner, Lisa Executive Assistant to CIO 301-640-1914
Urman, Arkadi Computer Systems Analyst (Contractor) 301-443-3887
Vemparala, Manoj Kumar QlikSense Developer 301-555-5555
Verukonda, Srujana QA Analyst/Tester 301-827-9537
Vuyyuri, Naresh Senior ServiceNow Developer 301-555-5555
Waris, Nabeel Quality Assurance Analsyt 301-555-5555
Weill, Christopher Mac Engineer 301-827-4708
Whittle, Jimmy IT Support Lead (NSC) 301-254-0558
Williams, Tony Scientific Support Technician 301-594-3083
Wu, Joseph Database Administrator 301-555-5555
Yasin, Kashif ServiceNow Developer 301-443-5066
Yelchuri, Nagarjuna Senior BI-QlikSense Developer 301-555-5555
Yost, Jeff Program Manager 301-496-5289

Office of Intramural Research Administration

Name Title Phone Number
Yu, Claro Administrative Officer (any grade) 301-402-9783
Abate, Carlyle CONTRACT WORKER (OTHER) 301-402-9399
Blackmon, Kimberly Facilities Management Specialist 301-496-7338
Brown, Linda Clinical Operations Manager 301-451-8164
Dawson, Anton OTHER 301-496-6784
Fields, Inez Contractor- Management Analyst
Huff, Nina Budget Analyst 301-496-2985
Hughes, Karen Program Specialist 301-496-5565
Peterson, Ssence Program Specialist 301-435-6649
Reyes, Isaac Management Analyst 301-480-6794
Strange, Geeta Chief 301-451-3769
Tenace, Michelle Bio Science Lab Technician - animal 301-496-9385
Wong, Jennifer Technology Licensing Specialist 301-828-7307
Intramural Administrative Oversight Branch
Name Title Phone Number
Angelis, Pat Inventory Management Specialist 301-451-4852
Bivins-Smith, Liz Branch Chief 301-793-7239
McEntee, Jason Property Management Officer 301-443-8531
Moore, Michael Facilities Planning Manager (Contractor) 301-402-0755
Tyler, David Inventory Management Specialist 301-443-5269
Williams, Patricia Facilities Operations Specialist 301-451-8447
Intramural Administrative Services Branch
Name Title Phone Number
Coulter, Heather Program Specialist 301-640-0446
Demarest, Kate Management Analyst 301-594-4933
Draper, Dionne Administrative Technician 301-443-2161
Galdamez, Nora CONTRACT WORKER 301-827-4710
Garcia, Maria Helena Management Analyst 301-594-1658
Hyde, Lakisha Administrative Officer 301-496-8260
Kimbrough, Milton Administrative Officer 301-594-4705
Lacy, Stephanie Supervisory Administrative Officer 301-451-1320
Leopard, Corie Administrative Officer 301-496-8262
Nelson, Nikki Administrative Officer 301-594-8072
Reed, Lisa Purchasing Agent 301-435-1120
Samaroo, Thera Administrative Officer 301-480-8365
Smith, David Administrative Officer 301-402-8227
Sullivan, Kyle Specialized Project Manager 301-555-5555
Washington, Andre Extramural Support Assistant 301-594-3745
White, Courtney Administrative Officer 301-443-8060
Williams, Dejanaye Purchasing Agent 301-480-7713

Personnel Management Branch

Planning and Financial Management Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Lo, Allen Budget Officer 301-451-4408
Chang, Sharon Budget Analyst 301-827-0312
Johnson, Brittany Budget Analyst 301-451-2735
Lalekos, Steve Budget Analyst 301-443-3704
Naples, Lisa Budget Analyst 301-443-4621
Onyechi, Obianuju Budget Analyst 301-827-7598

Workforce and Resource Management Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Allred, Kristine Chief, Learning, Engagement, and Inclusion Section 301-435-5223
Carr, Felicia Management Analyst 301-443-0679
Gonzalez, Xavier Management Analyst 215-866-6220
Grinder, Sharde Section Chief 301-435-4752
Harper, Christie Management Analyst 301-443-9988
Hatfield, Dusty Chief, Human Capital Section 301-402-6659
Holmes, Carla Management Analyst 301-827-6474
Johnson, Felicia Management Analyst 301-480-8296
Jones, Stephanie Human Resources Advisor 301-827-9106
Mabry, Erica Program Specialist 301-496-5310
Madere, Grace Management Analyst 301-827-4580
Merces-Clark, Shaun Management Analyst 301-480-8288
Nair, Suju Workforce Specialist 301-827-6021
Nelson, Charles Program Specialist 301-573-9725
Osei-Asante, Evelyn Management Analyst 301-827-0958
Rodriguez, Manny Chief, Extramural Workforce Section 301-693-8506
Rolfes, Emily Management Analyst
Savage, Daisha Management Analyst 301-555-5555
Snyder, Adrienne Chief, Workforce Management Branch 240-910-8398
Wayson, Melissa Management Analyst 301-435-8981

Office of Science Policy, Planning and Communications

Name Title Phone Number
Fox, Meredith Director, Office of Science Policy, Planning, and Communications 301-402-1801
Mason, Julie Deputy Director, OSPPC 301-443-1220
Landers, Maura Program Analyst 301-480-6965
Wetherby, Susan Program Analyst 301-402-7278

Electronic Communications Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Qian, Flora Chief, Electronic Communications Branch 301-827-3452
Castano-Panesso, David Web Developer 301-480-8198
Dewit, Joel Web Developer 301-402-0279
Diaz-Rodriguez, Obed Web Application Developer (External Consultant) 703-516-8879
Manchala, Sudheer Web Developer (External Contractor) 703-321-6984
Nwabuoku, Eddie Web Developer 301-827-6397
Petersen, James IT Specialist 301-443-6346
Tran, Oula Web Developer (Contractor) 301-451-2808

Reports and Analysis Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Cross, Didi Chief, Reports and Analysis Branch 301-827-6077
Buckingham, Sandy Program Analyst 301-841-5558
Cohen, Elan Data Scientist 240-889-6735
Islam, Aminul Health Science Policy Analyst 301-451-9822
McDougall, Mariko Statistician 301-402-4599
Rowe, Monica Program Analyst 240-595-4163
Skelton, Grey Statistician 301-594-7872

Science Policy and Evaluation Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Chai, Mindy Chief, Science Policy and Evaluation Branch 301-443-2392
Barnett, Brian Health Science Policy Analyst 301-435-7644
Burgdorf, Caitlin Health Science Policy Analyst 301-435-1147
Cox, Lisa Lead Government Information Specialist 443-532-1786
Hamill, Katie Health Science Policy Analyst 301-827-7020
Hooper, Andrew Health Science Policy Analyst 301-480-8433
Jacobs-Brichford, Eliza Health Science Policy Analyst 301-480-8316
Woodward, Katherine Scientific Program Analyst 301-827-6065

Science Writing, Press, and Dissemination Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Zeigler, Natalie Chief, Science Writing, Press, and Dissemination Branch 301-435-8687
Cole, Claire Lead Public Affairs Specialist 301-827-2315
Helfert, Samantha Lead Communications Specialist 301-451-0274
Jarmusz, Tony Science Writer 240-384-8908
Kamali, Setareh Health Communications Specialist 301-827-9673
Kamin, Hayley Scientific Technical Writer 301-555-5555
Mikulak, Anna Science Writer
Ovelmen, Heather Content Strategist 301-827-6663
Piper, Maya Health Communications Specialist 301-402-7413

Division of Extramural Activities

Name Title Phone Number
Waldeck, Tracy Director, Division of Extramural Activities 301-480-6833
Lamar, Charisee Deputy Director, Division of Extramural Activities 301-435-6977
Smith, Kendria Operations Coordinator 301-496-8732

Extramural Policy Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Charles, Zieta Committee Management Officer 301-443-1336
Dabney, Debra Program Specialist 301-443-3937
Fay-Lukic, Jelena Program Specialist 301-827-6776
Gavin-Evans, Karen Chief, Extramural Policy Branch 301-451-2356
Harris Lewis, Wanda Program Assistant 301-443-5047
Hu, Shuang-Bao Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-5160
Page, Christina Program Analyst 301-827-5821
Thai, Julie Management Analyst
Washington, Natalie Committee Management Specialist 301-555-5555

Extramural Review Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Gaiano, Nicholas Chief, Extramural Review Branch 301-827-3420
Abisaid, Evon Health Scientist Administrator 301-827-0399
Balda, Victoria Management Analyst 301-402-9358
Borzan, Jasenka Health Scientist Administrator
Champoux, Maribeth SRO Contractor 301-555-5555
Chu, Serena Health Scientist Administrator 240-478-0008
Crosland, Richard SRO Contractor 301-694-7084
Dolan-Sewell, Regina Health Scientist Administrator 240-796-6785
Garcia, Rebecca Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-4525
Kees, Chris Contract Analyst 301-480-1880
McGuire, Susan SRO Contractor 301-827-3579
Miller, David Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-9734
Ortiz, Claudio Health Scientist Administrator 301-555-5555
Perez-Costas, Emma Health Scientist Administrator 301-827-9275
Schulte, Aileen Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-1225
Smith, Dawn Program Specialist 301-451-3957
Sommers, David SRO Contractor 301-827-5654
Walker, Keri Grants Management Specialist 301-402-8329
Walton, Kevin SRO Contractor 301-827-4754
Washington, Thomas Contract Analyst
Wortham, Lycurtis Extramural Support Assistant 301-443-8188

Grants Management Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Jarosik, Terri Chief, Grants Management Branch 301-443-3858
Bergerud, Julie Grants Management Specialist 301-827-6184
Chavis, Monica Grants Management Specialist 301-827-5145
Chia, Jackie Grants Management Specialist 301-443-1341
Clarkson, Christine Grants Management Specialist 301-402-5756
Cummings, Lauren Grants Management Specialist 301-827-4706
Diggs, J Grants Management Specialist 301-435-1506
Dominguez, Marla Grants Management Specialist 301-555-5555
Dunson, Nick Grants Management Specialist 301-555-5555
Fonda, John Grants Management Specialist 301-402-8158
Freund, Matt Grants Management Professional Staff (Grants Mgmt Officer / Admin / Specialists) 301-555-5555
Haag, Dustin Grants Management Specialist 301-480-0716
Hampton, Chantel Grants Management Specialist
Johnson, Emily Grants Management Specialist 301-555-5555
Kees, Tamara Lead Grants Management Specialist 301-443-8811
Kirker, Mary Program Analyst 301-555-5555
Kresslein, Rosemary Grants Program Analyst 301-480-8553
Lessmeier, Michael Grants Management Specialist 301-402-6077
Lim, Cecile Extramural Support Assistant 301-563-9280
Lin, Jane Grants Management Specialist 301-443-2229
Mercogliano, Theresa Grants Management Specialist 301-451-4940
Munk, Robert Grants Management Specialist 301-443-3034
Nkansah, Betty Grants Management Specialist 301-443-7638
Oh, Chris Grants Management Professional Staff (Grants Mgmt Officer / Admin / Specialists) 301-555-5555
Owens, Candace Grants Management Specialist 301-555-5555
Paolini, Maggie Grants Management Specialist 301-443-2746
Radcliffe, William Grants Management Specialist 301-443-2762
Reeves, Sylvia Grants Management Specialist 301-761-7148
Sisco, Rita Lead Grants Management Specialist 301-443-2805
Tso, Joyce Grants Management Specialist 301-555-5555
Weiss, Heather Lead Grants Management Specialist 301-443-4415

Division of Neuroscience and Basic Behavioral Science

Name Title Phone Number
Brady, Linda Director 301-443-3563
Koester, Susan Deputy Director 301-443-3563
Anderson, Paige Scientific Program Analyst 301-827-6550
Bingaman, Lora Program Analyst 301-443-7060
Garcia, Suzanne Program Officer 301-555-5555
Grabb, Meg Chief, SBIR and STTR Programs 301-443-3563
Hsu, Cathleen Program Analyst 301-443-2037
Linthicum, Kelly Grants Program Specialist 301-443-1612
Merriwether, Ron Patrick Staff Assistant 301-443-7501
Miko, Nicole Management Analyst 555-555-5555
North, Nikki Program Analyst 301-443-3564
Noveras, Katherine Ethics Specialist 301-443-5144
Pinard, Courtney Health Scientist Administrator 301-451-8306
Van't Veer, Ashlee Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-3107

Behavioral Science and Integrative Neuroscience Research Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Vicentic, Aleksandra Chief, BS & INRB 301-443-1576
Breeden, Andrew Health Scientist Administrator 301-451-3185
Fernandez, Fernando Program Officer 301-793-6566
Rangel Gomez, Mauricio Health Science Administrator 240-410-7547
Rossi, Andrew Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-1576
Vaziri, Siavash Health Scientist Administrator 301-594-2924
Vicentic, Aleksandra Chief, Regulatory and Systems Neuroscience Program 301-443-1576

Developmental & Genomic Neuroscience Research Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Kishore, Sandeep Health Scientist Adminstrator 555-555-5555
Leinwand, Sarah Health Scientist Administrator 301-402-3969
Panchision, David Chief, Developmental and Genomic Neuroscience Research Branch 301-402-3969
Reyes, Laura Program Analyst 301-496-0364
Yao, Yong Health Scientist Administrator 301-402-3969

Genomics Research Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Gitik, Miri Health Scientist Administrator 301-827-3523
Pevsner, Jonathan Supervisory Health Scientist Administrator 301-496-4000
Price, Amanda Health Scientist Administrator 301-435-5224
Sefcovic, Natasha Health Scientist Administrator 301-827-0770

Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience Research Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Driscoll, Jamie Scientific Project Manager 301-443-5288
Hupalo, Sofiya Health Scientist Administrator 301-827-3752
Mandelblat-Cerf, Yael Health Science Administrator 301-793-7563
Michelotti, Enrique Health Scientist Administrator 301-825-3172
Nadler, Laurie Chief, Neuropharmacology Program 301-443-3678
Tonelli, Leonardo Health Scientist Administrator 301-827-8601

Division of Translational Research

Name Title Phone Number
Arango, Victoria Program Officer 301-841-5750
Chavez, Mark Chief, Side Effects of Psychiatric Therapeutics Program 301-443-8942
Grabb, Meg Chief, SBIR and STTR Programs 301-443-3563
Morris, Sarah Acting Director, RDoC 301-443-9233
Rowland, Laura Health Scientist Administrator 301-480-8335
Williams, Karen Extramural Support Assistant 301-827-4849

Adult Pathophysiology and Biological Interventions Development Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Zalcman, Steven Chief, APBIDB 301-443-1692
Ankudowich, Lizzy Health Scientist Administrator 301-480-8187
Meinecke, Douglas Chief, Developmental Neuroscience Program 301-443-6767
Sabbagh, Jonathan Scientific Program Manager 301-594-2557
Tilghman, Jessica Health Scientist Administrator 301-827-0439
Wijtenburg, Andrea Scientific Program Manager 301-480-8177

Adult Psychopathology and Psychosocial Interventions Development Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Morris, Sarah Acting Director, RDoC 301-443-9233
Ferrante, Michele Health Scientist Administrator 301-793-2634
Leitman, David Health Scientist Administrator 301-827-6131
Talkovsky, Alexander Scientific Program Manager 301-827-7614
Wouhib, Abera Mathematician Stat 301-594-9195

Biomarker & Intervention Development for Childhood-Onset Mental Disorders Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Avenilla, Frank Health Science Policy Analyst 301-443-3830
Garvey, Marjorie Medical Officer (Research) 301-443-4491
Gilotty, Lisa Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-3825
Sarampote, Christopher Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-1959

Developmental Mechanisms and Trajectories of Psychopathology Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Zehr, Julia Chief, Trajectories of Behavioral Dysregulation Program 301-443-1617
Cornell, Ashley Health Scientist Administrator 301-496-4406
Friedman-Hill, Stacia Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-8458
Murphy, Eric Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-9230
Pacheco, Jennifer Scientific Program Manager 301-443-3645
Thomas, Laura Health Science Administrator 301-480-1624

Geriatrics and Aging Processes Research Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Evans, Jovier Chief, Geriatric Pharmacologic Intervention Program 301-443-1369

Office of the Director, DTR

Name Title Phone Number
Lisanby, Sarah Director, Division of Translational Research 301-451-3029
Hillefors, Mi Deputy Director, Division of Translational Research 301-443-2738
Bechtholt, Anita Associate Director, RTCDP 301-480-8368
Borja, Susan Chief, Dimensional Measurement and Intervention Program 301-443-1252
Brown, Kelly Operations Coordinator 301-443-3904
Chavez, Mark Associate Director, RTCDP 301-443-8942
Dare, Marie Staff Assistant 301-443-5945
Douglas, Romica Staff Assistant 301-443-1691
Fisher, Craig Scientific Program Analyst 301-594-2768
King, Erin Scientific Program Analyst 301-451-4794
Knowlton, Arina Science Program Analyst 301-827-5039
Lawhorn, Collene Health Scientist Administrator 301-451-4262
Tuma, Farris Chief, Traumatic Stress Research Program 301-443-9232
Williams, Kesi Scientific Program Analyst 301-555-5555

Division of Services and Intervention Research

Name Title Phone Number
Arean, Patricia Director, Division of Services and Intervention Research 301-827-4878
Sherrill, Joel Deputy Director, Division of Services and Intervention Research 301-443-2477
Bowers, Beth Social Science Specialist 301-443-3776
Donahue, Jen Management Analyst 301-480-1892
Schoenbaum, Michael Management Analyst/Program Analyst / Program Specialist 301-435-8760
Sims, Belinda Health Scientist Administrator 301-435-7155


Name Title Phone Number
Azrin, Susan Unit Chief 301-443-3267

Services Research and Clinical Epidemiology Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Freed, Michael Chief, Services Research and Clinical Epidemiology Branch 301-443-3747
Azrin, Susan Chief, Early Psychosis Services Research Program 301-443-3267
Humensky, Jennifer Social and Behavioral Sciences Administrator 301-480-1265
Lushin, Victor Health Scientist Administrator 301-827-6280
Marro, Mary Social and Behavioral Sciences Administrator 301-910-8230

Treatment and Preventive and Intervention Research Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Haim, Adam Chief, Treatment And Preventive Intervention Research Branch 301-435-3593
Burstein, Marcy Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-9699
O'Connor, Stephen Chief, Suicide Prevention Research Program 301-480-8366
O'Reilly, Nicolette Program Specialist 301-443-4326
Pugliese, Cara Social and Behavioral Sciences Administrator 301-555-5555
Rooney, Mary Associate Director for Prevention 301-827-1325
Rudorfer, Matt Chief, Somatic Treatments and Psychopharmacology Program 301-443-1111
Sweeney, Maggie Social and Behavioral Sciences Administrator 301-480-1582

Division of Data Science and Technology

Name Title Phone Number
Farber, Greg Director, Division of Data Science and Technology 301-435-0778
Alvarez, Ruben Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-4058
Freeman, Janay Operations Coordinator (Contractor) 301-443-4347

Infrastructure Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Al-Kohlany, Reem Software Developer 571-665-8757
Almaliki, Taameem Help Desk Specialist 301-827-3937
Ansari, Abe Data Engineer 301-555-5555
Ariel, Amy Data Curator 301-827-7446
Bajaj, Rahul Data Curator 555-555-5555
Batdorj, Ulzii Front End Developer 555-555-5555
Bekirov, Iddil IRTA POST DOC 555-555-5555
Brar, Sunveer Business Analyst 555-555-5555
Brown, Michael Project Manager 301-827-1380
Burr, Andrew SW Developer 301-402-0694
Cho, Juliana User Support Specialist 555-555-5555
Choi, Eric Scientific Program Manager 301-827-7094
Coro, Richard Database Developer 555-555-5555
Couvillon, Abigail Software Developer 301-480-8310
Dangubic, Bozidar Senior Developer 301-435-0603
Dawson, Fatima User Support Specialist 555-555-5555
Dimercurio, Dominick Data Curator 301-827-0221
Djamen, Ivan Cloud Engineer 301-827-8119
Dori, Tsega Senior Tester 571-357-8340
Franklin, Ridgely Data Curator 301-496-8161
Garcia, Alison Program Manager 301-435-0449
Getahun, Amanuel Front End Developer 555-555-5555
Greene, John CONTRACT WORKER (OTHER) 301-555-5555
Gupta, Hitesh Cloud Engineer 240-688-4220
Hasher, Mehrosh Business Analyst 301-594-6140
Ingalls, Mason Data Curator 301-827-0162
Janes, Daniel Supervisory Health Scientist Administrator 301-594-1544
Kim, Nathan System Architect 301-827-8637
Kim, Sandy Program Manager 301-402-0676
King, Tracy Communications Manager, NIMH Data Archive 301-827-1914
Kuntzelman, Karl Scientific Program Manager 301-605-5049
Lai, Man Software Tester, QA Analyst 301-443-2743
Lee, Roger Software Developer 301-443-2743
Magdits, Gregory Java Developer 301-443-0715
Manoppo, Rasha Data Curator 301-451-4789
Marczyk, Matt Data Curator 301-402-0696
Matter, Elaine User Support Specialist 555-555-5555
McKenna, Patrick Program Analyst (Contractor) 301-827-7658
Mformem, George Database Developer 555-555-5555
Munroe, Umar System Architect 301-555-5555
Niedner, Charles Office Automation Assistant 301-443-3015
Nixon, Erika Database Developer 301-827-3413
Ofori, Yaa Help Desk Specialist 240-246-3038
Ogunbiyi, Abby Data Curator 301-827-4502
Okyere, Seth Requirements Analyst 301-827-5895
Pavate, Renu User Experience Lead 301-555-5555
Peoples, Brion Science Team Data Curator 555-555-5555
Ramos, Lily Help Desk Specialist 301-555-5555
Salsedo, Frances Talent Engagement Specialist 301-827-9254
Sarkar, Debapriya TITLE 301-520-5097
Schroepfer, Nancy Software Developer 301-555-1212
Sharma, Sachin Senior Data Engineer 301-555-5555
Siochi, Lorraine Help Desk Specialist 301-827-3314
Smith, Theresa Health Science Policy Analyst 301-827-8636
Soyombo-Shoola, Abigail Health Scientist Administrator 301-827-7329
Spasojevic, Colleen Data Curator 301-555-5555
Spicer, Olivia Health Specialist 301-443-4708
Sullivan, Kenya Security Lead (CISO) 301-435-1089
Susarla, Vasupradha Senior Tester 301-555-5555
Sweeney, Dave Senior Software Developer 555-555-5555
Sweet, Brandon Business Analyst 301-827-9110
Tolen, Arthur DevOps Engineer 301-435-2990
Uga, Kawoma Database Developer 555-555-5555
Vashou, Cali Experience Designer 555-555-5555
White, Kaise DevOps Engineer 301-555-5555
Williams, Danara Software tester/QA Analyst 301-827-8223
Zhang, Dianna Business Analyst 555-555-5555

Technology Development Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Bennett, Yvonne Health Scientist Administrator 301-222-7094
Han, Minkyu Science Team Data Curator 555-555-5555
Kim, Douglas Health Scientist Administrator 301-827-6463
Kim, Eunyoung Health Scientist Administrator 301-408-8107
Lin, Ti Program Analyst 301-435-0433
Zhan, Ming Health Scientist Administrator 301-827-3678

Division of AIDS Research

Name Title Phone Number
Rausch, Dianne Director, Division of AIDS Research 240-627-3874
Clary, Jessenia Program Analyst 301-827-4873
Foster, Jansen Scientific Program Analyst 240-796-5087
Marrero-Oliveras, Annette Scientific Program Analyst 301-555-5555
Max, Kristina Program Analyst 301-357-2704
Prince, Mary Lou Chief 240-627-3873
Tran, Hubert TITLE 301-555-5555

Center for Global Mental Health Research

Name Title Phone Number
Bekalu, Mesfin Social and Behavioral Sciences Administrator 240-380-0341
Campbell-Rosen, Holly Health Scientist Administrator 240-627-3316
Cubillos, Leonardo Chief, Center for Global Mental Health Research 301-827-9095
Rangel, Ruta Special Volunteer 301-555-5555
Vedham, Vidya Health Scientist Administrator 301-555-5555

Center for Mental Health Research on AIDS

HIV Neuropathogenesis, Genetics, and Therapeutics Branch HN798

Name Title Phone Number
Joseph, Jeymohan Chief, HIV Neuropathogenesis, Genetics, and Therapeutics Branch 240-627-3869
Finch, Beth Health Scientist Administrator 301-573-9723
Joseph, Jeymohan Chief, Viral/Host Genetics Program 240-627-3869
Joseph, Jeymohan Acting Chief, HIV Therapeutics/Clin. Trials & Psychiatric Pathogenesis Program 240-627-3869
Rao, Vasudev Health Scientist Administrator 301-825-3259

HIV Prevention Science Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Brouwers, Pim Special Volunteer 301-555-5555
Greenwood, Gregory Deputy Director, Division of AIDS Research 240-669-5532
Kamath, Susannah Health Scientist Administrator 240-627-3861
Scott-Sheldon, Lori Health Scientist Administrator 301-792-2309
Stenson, Anais Health Scientist Administrator 240-926-7572
Valenti, Justin Office Automation Clerk 240-750-7602

HIV Treatment and Translational Science Branch

Name Title Phone Number
Gordon, Christopher Chief, HIV Treatment and Translational Branch 240-627-3867
Commey, Abednego TITLE 555-555-5555
Firozvi, Ali Special Volunteer 555-555-5555
Gordon, Christopher Acting Chief, Community Implementation Program 240-627-3867
Liu, Elayni Special Volunteer 555-555-5555
Pollard Branchard, Suzy Health Scientist Administrator 301-761-6869
Senn, Teri Health Scientist Administrator 301-605-4146
Stirratt, Mike Health Scientist Administrator 240-627-3875