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Headquarters (HQ) and Extramural Staff Organizational Locator

Office of the NIMH Director

Name Title Phone Number Details
Gordon, Joshua Director, NIMH 301-443-3673 Details
Avenevoli, Shelli Deputy Director 301-443-3673 Details
Ampofo, Phyllis Legislative Director 301-443-8530 Details
Ayer, Lynsay IPA - Consultant 301-443-2743 Details
Carpenter, William RDoC Program Consultant 301-443-3673 Details
Churchill, James Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-3621 Details
Colpe, Lisa Contractor - Consultant 301-443-0715 Details
Cook, Nichole Management Analyst 301-480-8375 Details
Cuthbert, Bruce Head, RDoC Unit 301-276-1076 Details
Davis, Michael Collaborator 301-555-5555 Details
Holt, Tracy Program Analyst 301-443-1750 Details
Kinnane, Megan Senior Advisor 301-443-3679 Details
Kurikeshu, Rebecca Program Analyst 301-451-3688 Details
Lehner, Thomas Special Volunteer 301-443-1706 Details
Omotosho, Emmanuel software developer 301-827-7658 Details
Pacheco, Jennifer Scientific Program Manager 301-443-3645 Details
Pearson, Jane Special Advisor to the Director on Suicide Research 301-443-3598 Details
Ramchand, Rajeev IPA - Consultant 301-555-5555 Details
Rizvi, Syed Management Analyst 301-451-6867 Details
Seeburger, Jeffrey Consultant 301-443-3673 Details
Stevens, Clare Scientific Program Manager 301-480-8334 Details
Vaidyanathan, Umamaheswari Scientific Program Manager (Contractor) 301-283-8566 Details
Wagner, Ann HHS National Autism Coordinator 301-443-3633 Details

Office for Disparities Research and Workforce Diversity (ODWD)

Name Title Phone Number Details
Beckel-Mitchener, Andrea Director, Disparities Research and Workforce Diversity 301-443-5288 Details
Barksdale, Crystal Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-7034 Details
Hill, Lauren Deputy Director, ODWD 301-443-2638 Details
Lewis Johnson, Tamara Health Scientist Administrator 301-594-7963 Details
Molina, Sandra Management Analyst (Contractor) 301-443-3488 Details
Morales, Dawn Health Scientist Administrator 301-827-9668 Details

Office of Autism Research Coordination (OARC)

Name Title Phone Number Details
Daniels, Susan Director, Office of Autism Research Coordination 301-443-2756 Details
Celestin, Oni Health Science Policy Analyst 301-443-4627 Details
Ferrara, Katrina TITLE 301-594-0722 Details
Martin, Rebecca Public Health Analyst 301-435-0886 Details
Mitrakas, Angelice Operations Coordinator 301-435-9269 Details
Rava, Julianna Health Science Policy Analyst 301-768-3593 Details
Vilnit, Matthew Office Coordinator 301-827-1437 Details
Wiegand, Jeffrey Web Development Manager 301-443-5616 Details

Office of Clinical Research

Name Title Phone Number Details
Ordonez, Anna Acting Director 301-451-3758 Details
Bodenstein, Yancy Chief, CTOBB 301-451-9520 Details
Janicz, Katelyn Clinical Advisor 301-827-7657 Details
Lopiano, Dominic Operations Coordinator 301-827-5668 Details

Clinical Trials Operations and Biostatistics Branch (HN71L3)

Name Title Phone Number Details
Kennedy, Ashley Clinical Trial Program Coordinator 301-443-3366 Details
Siegel, Galia Clinical Trial Program Coordinator 301-443-9284 Details
Smith, Sharon Clinical Trials Program Coordinator 301-443-3649 Details
Vincent, Clarissa Clinical Advisor 301-827-5601 Details

Human Research Protection Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Shell, Pamela Branch Chief 301-594-2231 Details
Ahmad-Khan, Sabiha Scientific Program Analyst 301-443-9591 Details
Jones, Andrew Policy Analyst 301-443-1411 Details
Kane, Eugene Public Health Advisor 301-402-1210 Details
Savage, Tanisha Health Specialist, Project Manager 301-480-8495 Details
Silber, Todd Human Subjects Protection Specialist 301-555-5555 Details
Tigner, Ira Scientific Program Analyst 301-443-9401 Details

Office of Genomics Research Coordination (OGRC)

Name Title Phone Number Details
Bingaman, Lora Program Analyst 301-443-7060 Details
Senthil, Geetha Health Scientist Administrator 301-402-0754 Details

Office of Management (OM)

Name Title Phone Number Details
Huston, Ann Deputy Director for Management, NIMH 301-443-3673 Details
Akede, Theresa TITLE 301-412-8315 Details
Alexander, Kandice TITLE 301-480-8293 Details
Arenas-Bertol, Tananda Scientific Recruiter 301-594-3348 Details
Barnes, Terra Kelly Services Representative 301-435-7933 Details
Billinson, Elizabeth Kelly Services Representative 301-435-7933 Details
Birdsong, George Management Analyst 301-480-8624 Details
Black, Kim STARS Office Director 301-480-8617 Details
Bockhorn, Haley TITLE 301-480-8358 Details
Brewer, Niaema Workforce and Resource Management Branch 301-451-3032 Details
Bukute, Wiletawbizu TITLE 301-555-5555 Details
Carter, De'Sha TITLE 301-435-7933 Details
Chwoinska, Malgorzata TITLE 301-435-7933 Details
Clarkson, Marguerite Analyst Details
Cornejo, Gilda Kelly Services Representative 301-480-8325 Details
Dean, Michele Kelly Services Representative (Contractor) 301-435-7933 Details
Dehorty, Justin TITLE 301-435-7933 Details
Evans, Syreeta Administrative Officer 301-480-8430 Details
Fox, Jason Program Analyst 301-594-4144 Details
Govert, William TITLE 301-555-5555 Details
Greenstein, Lili Kelly Services Representative 301-402-6779 Details
Gutierrez Aguilar, Sergio TITLE 301-555-5555 Details
Haile, Melaku TITLE 301-555-1212 Details
Harris, Natalie Kelly Services Representative (Contractor) 410-558-8212 Details
Jarquin, Candice Employees Relation Representative 301-435-7933 Details
Kantipudi, Ganga Shiva TITLE 301-555-5555 Details
Kiflemariam, Simon TITLE 301-555-5555 Details
Lacy, Stephanie Program Specialist 301-451-1320 Details
Liang, Yun Kelly Services Representative (Contractor) 301-435-7933 Details
Locurto, Susan Kelly Services Representative 301-451-9205 Details
Major, Christine TITLE 240-505-9591 Details
Malik, Shams IT Project Manager 301-555-5555 Details
Martino, Nicole Deputy Executive Officer 301-443-2335 Details
Matic, Irma TITLE 301-402-2859 Details
O'Donnell, Caitlin Managment Intern 301-451-2587 Details
O'Toole, Ryan TITLE 301-435-7933 Details
Oliveira, Dorian Management Analyst 301-402-3739 Details
Ostrovecky, Robert TITLE 301-480-8305 Details
Pfau, Lauren Kelly Services Representative (Contractor) 301-435-7933 Details
Porter, Sarah Kelly Services Representative 301-443-2180 Details
Preisinger Allen, Antonette Kelly Services Representative (Contractor) 301-435-7933 Details
Puckett, Stephen Program Analyst 301-443-4995 Details
Randall, Benjamin IT Developer 301-555-5555 Details
Rangwani, Avantika TITLE 301-555-5555 Details
Shaik, Abubakar IT Developer 301-555-5555 Details
Shakhman, Michael TITLE 301-443-5555 Details
Shinko, Gwendolyn Senior Advisor 301-435-7526 Details
Smith, Denise TITLE 301-480-8310 Details
Sprouse, Sara Kelly Services Representative (Contractor) 301-827-0015 Details
Stevens, Kelli TITLE 301-480-8559 Details
Sudakow, Katie Kelly Services Representative (Contractor) 301-435-7933 Details
Sweeney, Mary Program Advisor Details
Trubnick, Talia TITLE 301-555-5555 Details
Tufano, Megan Kelly Services Representative 301-435-7933 Details
Wake, Sherilyn Management Analyst 301-480-8266 Details
Wardak, Sadaf IT Software Developer 301-480-8304 Details
Wayson, Melissa Program Analyst 301-435-8981 Details
Wright, Kevin Supervisory IT Project Manager 240-380-0341 Details

Contracts Management Branch, OA, NIDA

Name Title Phone Number Details
Stinson, Suzanne Chief Contracts Officer/Branch Chief 301-443-4116 Details
Annan, Charlotte Contracting Officer 301-827-4066 Details
Ettehadieh, Fred Contract Specialist 301-443-9154 Details
Frate, Christine Contract Specialist 301-443-3846 Details
Giuliano, Kathleen Contract Specialist 301-451-2705 Details
Stapleton, Kim Contracting Officer 301-443-3775 Details
Trice, Philip Contracting Officer 301-402-8131 Details
Weaver, Christopher Contracting Officer 240-627-3219 Details
Whipple, Valerie Contracting Officer 301-827-5218 Details

Ethics Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Davidkova, Mariya Project Manager 301-827-7231 Details
Dickens, Jasse Management Analyst 301-827-3331 Details
Green, Yolanda Ethics Specialist 301-443-0039 Details
Johnson, Kendall Operations Coordinator 301-827-6248 Details
Meredith, Kristin Ethics Coordinator 301-443-3824 Details
Rojas, Melba Ethics Specialist 301-402-0279 Details

Extramural Administrative Services Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Augustine, Kimberly Administrative Technician 301-451-9228 Details
Bell, Angela Extramural Support Assistant 301-443-3641 Details
Coulter, Heather Program Specialist 301-640-0446 Details
Dowdy, Jerilyn Administrative Officer 301-435-4325 Details
Drayton, Karen Program Support Assistant 301-443-3186 Details
Jefferies, Charnita Program Analyst 301-443-0146 Details
Kisner, Penny Administrative Officer 301-443-8925 Details
Leone, Cheryl Administrative Officer 301-443-4633 Details
Martinez Ventura, Deysi Management Analyst Details
Murdock, Mark TITLE 301-827-6163 Details
Nawrot, Andrew Management Analyst 301-443-9614 Details
Ngo, Tam Administrative Officer 301-443-3531 Details
Powell, Stephanie Administrative Officer 301-443-9774 Details
Puthran, Namrata Management Analyst 301-451-2224 Details
Washington, Andre Extramural Support Assistant 301-594-3745 Details

Information Resource and Technology Management Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Dasti, Mannan Chief Information Officer 301-480-1274 Details
Abankwah, Adelaide TITLE 301-451-7578 Details
Alexis, Shawn System Administrator 301-480-8324 Details
Alley, Leezan IT Specialist 301-555-1212 Details
Anguraj, Preetha Software Developer 301-480-8996 Details
Anyanwu, Ejike TITLE 301-402-3462 Details
Begum, Farheen Software Tester 301-555-5555 Details
Bogzaran, Saman Help Desk Technician 301-451-4728 Details
Brown, Michael IT Desktop Specialist 5 (Contractor) 301-435-7677 Details
Callaghan, Brian Help Desk Technician 301-443-9121 Details
Choi, Andrew Scientific Instrumentation Control Support Specialist 301-594-5534 Details
Collins, Emanuel TITLE 301-435-2215 Details
Coxe, Russell Data Center Operations Manager 301-555-5555 Details
Dapko, Christy Program Manager 301-827-3483 Details
Doles, Quintin TITLE 301-435-0160 Details
Duong, Tai Scientific Instrumentation Control Support Specialist 301-594-8197 Details
Endicott, Benjamin Software Developer 330-429-8163 Details
Flash, Sasha TITLE 301-555-5555 Details
Forney, Cheryl IT Specialist 301-443-3770 Details
Freedman, Robert Project Manager 301-827-9279 Details
Gerth, Jonathan Software Developer 301-827-7220 Details
Gulam, Zubair IT Specialist 301-827-2247 Details
Halligan, Christopher Desktop Support Tech 240-778-3396 Details
Harvey, Evay Management Analyst 301-443-2743 Details
Hermach, William IT Specialist (ISSO) 301-443-4534 Details
Ihuoma, Adewunmi Security Analyst 301-555-5555 Details
Ilgenfritz, Wendy Infosec Engineer 301-496-1084 Details
Ingram, Kelli IT Specialist 301-443-0206 Details
Kang, Wei IT Specialist (DBA) 301-451-9952 Details
Kelly, Caitlin Project Analyst 301-555-5555 Details
Khan, Shabana Procurement Analyst 301-496-1267 Details
Kurzman, Joseph TITLE 301-594-8096 Details
Le, Hoan IT Contractor 301-594-5533 Details
Luong, Khanh Software Developer 301-827-7208 Details
Madduri, Sriharsha SharePoint Administrator 301-451-9954 Details
Mahmood, Ashfaque IT Specialist 301-555-5555 Details
McClees, Otis Help Desk Manager 301-822-7382 Details
Millett, Patricia Help Desk Technician 301-496-1119 Details
Mitra, Mahua IT Specialist 301-480-8676 Details
Mohammed, Mobeena Begum Lead Software Development 301-555-5555 Details
Mopsick, Marc Information Technology Specialist 301-443-1151 Details
Noonan, Charles Information Technology Specialist 301-443-4065 Details
Norfolk, Ann Business Analyst 301-480-1021 Details
Rajappa, Albin IT Developer 301-555-5555 Details
Sattineni, Sravanthi TITLE 301-827-7897 Details
Scyphers, Dale IT Specialist 301-827-7008 Details
Singh, Sumeeta Software Developer 301-827-0191 Details
Strong, Anthony IT Specialist 301-443-4818 Details
Sweet, Jonathan Quality Manager 301-555-5555 Details
Tarrant, Beverly IT specialist 301-443-1616 Details
Tavedi, Vincent IT Specialist 301-435-6802 Details
Trinh, Tien IT Desktop Specialist (Contractor) 301-435-6801 Details
Uddin, Nazim TITLE 301-402-4309 Details
Urman, Arkadi Computer Systems Analyst (Contractor) 301-443-3887 Details
Urquhart, Scott Sr. Mac Engineer 301-532-6519 Details
Verukonda, Srujana QA Analyst/Tester 301-480-8359 Details
Wagner, Roger TITLE 301-827-5767 Details
Wallerstedt, William Analyst 301-402-6439 Details
Wertlieb, Aaron End User IT Support 301-496-6144 Details
Woldeamanuel, Yehualashet TITLE 301-443-2743 Details
Yost, Tanja Business Analyst 301-555-5555 Details
NIMH Software Support Contract
Name Title Phone Number Details
Adetolu, Dickson Contract Worker (Other) 301-443-1172 Details
Anantha, Uma Software Tester 301-827-8379 Details
Banghart, Brian Software Engineer (SAIC Contractor) 301-827-7205 Details
Boward, George Network Engineer (SAIC Contractor) 301-402-3853 Details
Gosakan, Uthra IT Specialist (Kelly Contractor) 301-435-4531 Details
Kai-Lewis, Eric Contract Worker (Other) 301-827-0563 Details
Meiburg, Charles Software Engineer (Contractor) 301-827-7219 Details
Nagy, Marton Software Engineer (Contractor) 301-443-1332 Details
Othee, Harroop Software Developer 301-827-7206 Details
Seto, Edward DBA (Contractor) 443-850-0120 Details
NIMH Technical Support Contract
Name Title Phone Number Details
Beliakov, Konstantin Network Infrastructure Engineer 301-827-5488 Details
Brodie, Jerome TITLE Details
Van Gelder, Jarred Technical Writer 301-451-9951 Details

Office of Intramural Research Administration

Name Title Phone Number Details
Yu, Claro Branch Chief, Strategy & Analytics Branch (SAB) 301-402-9783 Details
Blackmon, Kimberly Facilities Management Specialist 301-496-7338 Details
Moore, Michael Facilities Planning Manager (Contractor) 301-402-0755 Details
Strange, Geeta Program Specialist 301-451-3769 Details
Williams, Patricia Facilities Operations Specialist 301-451-8447 Details
Wong, Jennifer Technology Licensing Specialist 301-480-4821 Details
Intramural Administrative Oversight Branch
Name Title Phone Number Details
Bivins-Smith, Elizabeth Branch Chief 301-402-2454 Details
Gioio, Anthony Biologist 301-402-7897 Details
Hollingsworth, John Contractor 301-827-2331 Details
Lee, Senica Inventory Management Specialist 301-480-8278 Details
Lewen, Andrew TITLE 301-532-6986 Details
McEntee, Jason Property Management Officer 301-443-8531 Details
Tyler, David Inventory Management Specialist 301-443-5269 Details
Intramural Administrative Services Branch
Name Title Phone Number Details
Draper, Dionne Administrative Officer 301-443-2161 Details
Galdamez, Nora CONTRACT WORKER 301-496-4271 Details
Garcia, Maria Helena PURCHASING AGENT 301-594-1658 Details
Gaskins, James Purchasing Agent 301-435-2964 Details
Hyde, Lakisha Administrative Officer 301-496-8260 Details
Iciek, Kathleen Administrative Officer 301-451-7078 Details
Jeffries, Christina Customer Service Representative 301-496-3550 Details
Karim-Duvall, Japria TITLE 301-496-4271 Details
Kimbrough, Milton Lead Administrative Officer 301-594-4705 Details
Leopard, Corinne Administrative Officer 301-496-8262 Details
Nelson, Nikki Administrative Officer 301-594-8072 Details
Nichols, Gregory TITLE 301-496-8032 Details
Samaroo, Thera Administrative Officer 301-480-8365 Details
Schwarzenberger, Timothy Purchasing Agent 240-200-5590 Details
Smith, David Administrative Officer 301-402-8227 Details
Tran, Thanh Lan IT SPEC (OPERATING SYS)_ 301-435-4508 Details
White, Courtney Administrative Officer 301-443-8060 Details

Planning and Financial Management Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Lo, Allen Budget Officer 301-451-4408 Details
Allipuram, Surender Developer 732-421-1232 Details
Chang, Sharon Budget Analyst 301-827-0312 Details
Cossio, Gustavo Developer/Quality Analyst 301-480-8658 Details
Hughes, Stephen Contractor 703-375-9146 Details
Lalekos, Stephen Budget Analyst 301-443-3704 Details
Naples, Lisa Budget Analyst 301-443-4621 Details
Onyechi, Obianuju Presidential Management Fellow 301-555-5555 Details
Pike, Christopher Developer 804-380-5588 Details
Portner, Gregory Management Analyst (Contractor) 301-480-8496 Details
Weiner, Ann System Developer 703-964-5854 Details

Workforce and Resource Management Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Ahdoot, Sheida Management Analyst 301-480-8672 Details
Baginski, Renata HR Liason 301-827-7892 Details
Carr, Felicia Administrative Officer 301-443-0679 Details
Johnson, Felicia Management Analyst 301-480-8296 Details
Kakoza, Evangeline Management Analyst 301-480-8342 Details
Kopyto, Melissa Supervisory Management Analyst 301-827-2862 Details
Merces-Clark, Rashaun Management Analyst 301-480-8288 Details
Mills, Sara Program Specialist 301-979-8902 Details
Mundell, Terry Management Analyst 301-443-8187 Details
Saunders Romero, Kenita Supervisory Management Analyst 301-827-9248 Details
Schriver, Jane Human Resources Advisor (contractor) 301-827-6681 Details

Office of Science Policy, Planning, and Communications (OSPPC)

Name Title Phone Number Details
Fox, Meredith Director, OSPPC 301-402-1801 Details
Mason, Julie Deputy Director 301-443-1220 Details
Tam, Maureen Operations Coordinator (Contractor) 301-480-8613 Details
Wetherby, Susan Operations Coordinator (Contractor) 301-402-7278 Details

Electronic Communications Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Nguyen, Nguyen Chief, Electronic Communications Branch 301-443-2624 Details
Carter McLeod, Karen IT Specialist 301-443-4539 Details
Castano-Panesso, Jose Web Developer 301-480-8198 Details
Dewit, Joel Computer Systems Analyst (Contractor) 301-443-4949 Details
Diaz-Rodriguez, Obed Web Application Developer (External Consultant) 703-516-8879 Details
Manchala, Sudheer Web Developer (External Contractor) 703-321-6984 Details
Petersen, James IT Specialist 301-443-6346 Details
Tran, Oula Web Developer (Contractor) 301-451-2808 Details
Tupper, Meredith Web Developer (Contractor) 301-443-4538 Details

Reports and Analysis Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Buckingham, Sandra Program Analyst 301-443-3047 Details
Cohen, Elan Statistician (Contractor) 301-443-9761 Details
Rowe, Monica Program Analyst 240-595-4163 Details

Science Policy and Evaluation Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Chai, Mindy Chief, Science Policy and Evaluation Branch 301-443-2392 Details
Cox, Lisa Lead Government Information Specialist 301-443-6130 Details
Hooper, Andrew Health Science Policy Analyst 301-480-8433 Details
Jacobs-Brichford, Eliza Health Science Policy Analyst 301-480-8316 Details
Nickles, Sarah Science Policy Fellow 301-402-2822 Details
Scheinert, Rachel Health Science Policy Analyst 301-451-0292 Details
Woodward, Katherine Scientific Program Analyst 301-827-6065 Details

Science Writing, Press, and Dissemination Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Zeigler, Natalie Chief, Science Writing, Press, and Dissemination Branch 301-435-8687 Details
Cole, Claire Science Writer 301-827-2315 Details
Helfert, Samantha Program Analyst 301-451-0274 Details
Kamali, Setareh Communications Specialist 301-827-9673 Details
Mikulak, Anna Science Writer 301-480-8264 Details
Morales, Diana Public Health Analyst 301-443-7613 Details
Ovelmen, Heather Writer/Editor 301-827-6663 Details
Rahman, Aliya Pathway Intern 301-555-5555 Details
Richards, Erika TITLE 301-555-5555 Details
Schmelling, Sarah Public Affairs Specialist 301-496-6806 Details

Office of Technology Development and Coordination (OTDC)

Name Title Phone Number Details
Farber, Gregory Director, Office of Technology Development and Coordination 301-435-0778 Details
Abdissa, Mathias TITLE 301-555-5555 Details
Almaliki, Taameem Grants Data Coordinator 301-555-5555 Details
Alvarez, Ruben Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-4058 Details
Bekirov, Iddil Scientific Program Manager 301-480-8123 Details
Bennett, Yvonne Health Scientist Administrator 301-402-2013 Details
Bulk, Alexander Scientific Data Analyst (Contractor) 301-594-3103 Details
Campbell, Lindsey Data Analyst 210-317-4405 Details
Cooper, Terrance Web Developer (Contractor) 301-402-0961 Details
Cornwell, David NIMH Data Archive Program Manager 301-555-5555 Details
Dangubic, Bozidar Senior Developer 301-443-0715 Details
Djamen, Ivan TITLE 301-555-5555 Details
Franklin, Ridgely TITLE 301-402-4453 Details
Freeman, Janay Operations Coordinator (Contractor) 301-443-4347 Details
Gaines, Leslie Data Curator 301-555-5555 Details
Herdman, Jeffrey Program Analyst 301-827-5555 Details
Hu-Smith, Matthew TITLE 301-785-8549 Details
Kim, Douglas Health Scientist Administrator 301-827-6463 Details
Kim, Minjai TITLE 405-657-9308 Details
King, Tracy Communications Manager, NIMH Data Archive 301-827-1914 Details
Lai, Man Software Tester, QA Analyst 301-443-2743 Details
Lalkudi Subramanian, Swaminathan TITLE 301-555-5555 Details
Lee, Roger Software Developer 301-443-2743 Details
Lin, Ti Program Analyst 301-435-0433 Details
Liu, Yanshan Software tester/QA Analyst 301-555-5555 Details
Loewe, Michael Program Analyst 919-763-4013 Details
Magdits, Gregory Java Developer 301-443-0715 Details
Marczyk, Matthew TITLE 301-555-1212 Details
McKenna, Patrick Program Analyst (Contractor) 301-827-7658 Details
Mendez, Oliver Software Developer 301-443-3265 Details
Mooney, James TITLE 301-580-6668 Details
Nakshin, Igor Data Analyst 301-655-7100 Details
Niedner, Charles Office Automation Assistant 301-443-3015 Details
Nixon, Erika Systems Engineer 301-827-3413 Details
Novikova, Svetlana Analyst (Contractor) 301-443-0212 Details
Obenshain, David Program Analyst (Contractor) 301-402-0811 Details
Owonikoko, Daniel TITLE 301-555-5555 Details
Panjrath, Gurpreet TITLE Details
Purtell, Grace Talent Engagement Specialist 301-827-6167 Details
Robin, Aliza TITLE 301-555-5555 Details
Rosen, Rebecca Project Manager 301-827-4602 Details
Salsedo, Frances Talent Engagement Specialist 301-827-6506 Details
Siochi, Lorraine Program Support Analyst 301-827-3314 Details
Slaughter, Darnell Data Analyst (Contractor) 301-827-7664 Details
Smith, Jason Software Developer (Contractor) 301-496-8175 Details
Soyombo-Shoola, Abigail Health Scientist Administrator 301-827-7329 Details
Spicer, Olivia Health Specialist 301-443-4708 Details
Tsigie, Eual Junior Data Curator 301-555-5555 Details
Williams, Danara Software tester/QA Analyst 301-555-5555 Details
Wisniewski, Leopold Data Analyst-Curator 301-443-6805 Details
Zakari, Mohammed TITLE 301-555-5555 Details
Zhan, Ming Health Scientist Administrator 301-827-3678 Details

Division of Extramural Activities (DEA)

Name Title Phone Number Details
Noronha, Jean Director 301-443-3367 Details
Booker, Bryoni Operations Coordinator 301-594-2233 Details
Subedi, Abhignya Scientific Review Officer 301-555-5555 Details

Extramural Policy Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Miller, Rebecca Chief, Extramural Policy Branch 301-435-0322 Details
Charles, Zieta Committee Management Officer 301-443-1336 Details
Dabney, Debra Program Specialist 301-443-3937 Details
Denker, Alexander Scientific Policy Analyst 301-402-7021 Details
Harris Lewis, Wanda Program Assistant (OA) 301-443-5047 Details
Hu, Shuang-Bao Assistant Referral Officer 301-443-5160 Details
Thai, Julie Management Analyst 301-827-6183 Details

Extramural Review Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Gaiano, Nicholas Chief, Extramural Review Branch 301-827-3420 Details
Balda, Victoria TITLE 301-402-9358 Details
Burstein, Marcy Scientific Review Officer 301-443-9699 Details
Chu, Serena Scientific Review Officer 240-478-0008 Details
Garcia, Rebecca Scientific Review Officer 301-443-4525 Details
Gavin-Evans, Karen Scientific Review Officer 301-451-2356 Details
Gray, Erin Scientific Review Officer 301-402-8152 Details
Miller, David Scientific Review Officer 301-443-9734 Details
Schulte, Aileen Scientific Review Officer 301-443-1225 Details
Smith, Dawn Program Specialist 301-451-3957 Details
Wortham, Lycurtis Extramural Support Assistant 301-443-8188 Details

Grants Management Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Jarosik, Theresa Chief, Grants Management Officer 301-443-3858 Details
Bergerud, Julie Grants Management Specialist 301-827-6184 Details
Blade, Maliek Grants Program Analyst 301-555-5555 Details
Chia, Hung-Lien Grants Management Specialist 301-443-1341 Details
Clarkson, Christine Grants Management Specialist 301-402-5756 Details
Claycamp, Rebecca Senior Advisor 301-443-2811 Details
Fonda, John Grants Management Specialist 301-402-8158 Details
Hampton, Chantel Grants Program Analyst Details
Jackson, Kamilah TITLE Details
Kees, Tamara Lead/Supv Grants Management Specialist 301-443-8811 Details
Kennedy, Kenya Grants Program Analyst 301-827-6182 Details
Kirker, Robert Grants Management Specialist 301-443-6093 Details
Kresslein, Rosemary Grants Program Analyst 301-555-5555 Details
Lankford, Jewel Grants Management Specialist 301-480-8106 Details
Lessmeier, Michael Grants Management Specialist 301-402-6077 Details
Lim, Cecile Extramural Support Assistant 301-563-9280 Details
Lin, Jane Grants Management Specialist 301-443-2229 Details
Mercogliano, Theresa Grants Management Specialist 301-451-4940 Details
Munk, Robert Grants Management Specialist 301-443-3034 Details
Nkansah, Betty Grants Management Specialist 301-443-7638 Details
Paolini, Maggie Grants Management Specialist 301-443-2746 Details
Peters, Thomas Grants Program Analyst 1 301-496-5582 Details
Radcliffe, William Grants Management Specialist 301-443-2762 Details
Roizman, Brett Grants Program Analyst 301-555-5555 Details
Shiderly, Jeffrey Grants Program Analyst 301-443-3484 Details
Sisco, Rita Lead/Supv Grants Management Specialist 301-443-2805 Details
Weiss, Heather Grants Management Specialist 301-443-4415 Details
Winters, Craig Grants Program Analyst 301-451-9948 Details

Division of Neuroscience and Basic Behavioral Science (DNBBS)

Name Title Phone Number Details
Brady, Linda Director 301-443-3563 Details
Koester, Susan Deputy Director 301-443-3563 Details
Anderson, Paige Scientific Program Analyst 301-827-6550 Details
Araldi, Gian Luca Consultant 631-903-3746 Details
Cross, Alan Consultant 484-995-7782 Details
Dutka, Tara Program Officer 301-451-3074 Details
Grabb, Margaret Chief, SBIR and STTR Programs 301-443-3563 Details
Hsu, Cathleen Program Analyst 301-443-3563 Details
Linthicum, Kelly Grants Program Specialist 301-443-1612 Details
Merriwether, Ron Patrick Staff Assistant 301-443-7501 Details
Michelotti, Enrique Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-5415 Details
North, Nicole Program Analyst 301-443-3564 Details
Noveras, Katherine Program Specialist 301-443-5144 Details
Pinard, Courtney Health Scientist Administrator 301-451-8306 Details
Thomas, Adam Program Officer 301-402-6351 Details
Tonelli, Leonardo Health Scientist Administrator 301-827-8601 Details
Van't Veer, Ashlee Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-3107 Details
Yao, Yong Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-6102 Details

Behavioral Science and Integrative Neuroscience Research Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Vicentic, Aleksandra Chief, Behavioral Science & Integrative Neuroscience Research Branch, NIMH 301-443-1576 Details
Buhring, Bettina Chief, Substrates of Memory & Learning Program 301-443-1178 Details
Ferrante, Michele Health Scientist Administrator 301-435-6782 Details
Rossi, Andrew Chief, Executive Functions Program 301-443-1576 Details
Vaziri, Siavash Health Scientist Administrator 301-594-2924 Details
Vicentic, Aleksandra Chief, Regulatory and Systems Neuroscience Program 301-443-1576 Details

Genomics Research Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Arguello, Paul Health Scientist Administrator 301-827-3547 Details
Gitik, Miri Health Scientist Administrator 301-827-3523 Details

Molecular, Cellular, and Genomic Neuroscience Research Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Winsky, Lois Chief, Molecular, Cellular, and Genomic Neuroscience Research Branch 301-443-5288 Details
Beer, Rebecca Health Scientist Administrator 301-480-1261 Details
Driscoll, Jamie Scientific Project Manager 301-443-5288 Details
Nadler, Laurie Chief, Neuropharmacology Program 301-443-5288 Details
Panchision, David Chief, Developmental Neurobiology Program 301-443-5288 Details
Winsky, Lois Chief, Psychopharmacology Program 301-443-5288 Details

Division of Translational Research (DTR)

Name Title Phone Number Details
Lisanby, Sarah Division Director 301-451-3029 Details
Ankudowich, Elizabeth Scientific Program Analyst 301-480-8187 Details
Arango, Victoria Chief, Central-Peripheral Interactions Pathophysiology Program 301-443-3187 Details
Bechtholt, Anita Health Scientist Administrator 301-480-8368 Details
Borja, Susan Chief, Dimensional Measurement and Intervention Program 301-443-1252 Details
Carter, Monica Program Analyst 301-443-3684 Details
Chavez, Mark Associate Director, Research Training and Career Development Program 301-443-8942 Details
Chavez, Mark Chief, Side Effects of Psychiatric Therapeutics Program 301-443-8942 Details
Dare, Marie Extramural Support Assistant 301-443-5945 Details
Grabb, Margaret Chief, SBIR and STTR Programs 301-443-3563 Details
Morris, Sarah Acting Director, RDoC 301-443-9233 Details
Prabhakar, Janani Health Scientist Administrator 301-827-1321 Details
Rowland, Laura Health Scientist Administrator 301-480-8335 Details
Szczepanik, Joanna Scientific Program Analyst 301-827-6664 Details
Thomas, Jeena Operations Coordinator 301-480-5421 Details
Tuma, Farris Chief, Traumatic Stress Research Program 301-443-9232 Details
Wijtenburg, Sarah Scientific Program Manager 301-480-8177 Details

Adult Pathophysiology and Biological Interventions Development Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Zalcman, Steven Chief 301-443-1692 Details
Hillefors, Mi Chief, Experimental Therapeutics Program 301-443-2738 Details
McMullen, David Medical Officer 301-451-0180 Details
Meinecke, Douglas Chief, Molecular and Cellular Psychopathology Program 301-443-6767 Details

Adult Psychopathology and Psychosocial Interventions Research Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Morris, Sarah Branch Chief 301-443-9233 Details
Ferrante, Michele Health Scientist Administrator 301-435-6782 Details
Leitman, David Health Scientist Administrator 301-827-6131 Details
Talkovsky, Alexander Scientific Program Manager 301-827-7614 Details
Wouhib, Abera Mathematician Stat 301-594-9195 Details

Biomarker and Intervention Development for Childhood-Onset Mental Disorders Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Applewhite, Lisa Operations Coordinator 301-435-0723 Details
Avenilla, Frank Health Science Policy Analyst 301-443-3830 Details
Garvey, Marjorie Chief, Novel Strategies for Treatment of Developmental Psychopathology Program 301-443-4491 Details
Gilotty, Lisa Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-3825 Details

Developmental Mechanisms and Trajectories of Psychopathology Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Zehr, Julia Chief, Trajectories of Behavioral Dysregulation Program 301-443-1617 Details
Douglas, Romica Extramural Support Assistant 301-443-1691 Details
Friedman-Hill, Stacia Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-8458 Details
Murphy, Eric Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-9230 Details
Sarampote, Christopher Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-1959 Details

Geriatrics and Aging Processes Research Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Evans, Jovier Chief, Neuroscience of Mental Disorders and Aging Program 301-443-1369 Details

Division of Services and Intervention Research (DSIR)

Name Title Phone Number Details
Heinssen, Robert Director 301-435-0371 Details
Sherrill, Joel Deputy Director, Division of Services and Intervention Research 301-443-2477 Details
Bowers, Elizabeth Program Analyst 301-443-3776 Details
Navidi, Gretchen Scientific Program Manager 301-827-5116 Details
Patterson, Sharles Operations Coordinator 301-496-7444 Details
Schoenbaum, Michael Senior Advisor for Mental Health Services, Epidemiology & Economics (Contractor) 301-435-8760 Details


Name Title Phone Number Details
Azrin, Susan Unit Chief 301-443-3267 Details

Services Research and Clinical Epidemiology Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Freed, Michael Branch Chief 301-443-3747 Details
Azrin, Susan Chief, Early Psychosis Services Research Program 301-443-3267 Details
Juliano Bult, Denise Chief, Systems Research Program and Disparities in Mental Health Services Research Program 301-443-1638 Details
Pintello, Denise Chief, Child and Adolescent Services Research Program 301-451-1481 Details
Rupp, Agnes Chief, Financing and Managed Care Research Program 301-555-5555 Details

Treatment and Preventive and Intervention Research Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Haim, Adam Branch Chief 301-435-3593 Details
O'Connor, Stephen Chief, Suicide Prevention Research Program 301-480-8366 Details
O'Reilly, Nicolette Extramural Support Assistant 301-443-4326 Details
Reider, Eve Chief, Preventive Intervention Research Program 301-827-1496 Details
Rooney, Mary Chief, Child and Adolescent Psychosocial Treatment Research Program 301-827-1325 Details
Rudorfer, Matthew Chief, Somatic Treatments and Psychopharmacology Program 301-443-1111 Details
Vitiello, Benedetto Special Volunteer 301-443-3357 Details

Division of AIDS Research (DAR)

Name Title Phone Number Details
Rausch, Dianne Director 240-627-3874 Details
Bernal, Michelle Administrative Assistant 240-627-3862 Details
Campbell-Rosen, Holly Health Scientist Administrator 240-627-3316 Details
Davis, Constance Extramural Support Assistant 240-627-3865 Details
Marrero-Oliveras, Annette Scientific Program Analyst Details
Prince, Mary Lou Program Specialist 240-627-3873 Details
Valenti, Justin Office Automation Clerk Details

Center for Global Mental Health Research

Name Title Phone Number Details
Amarreh, Ishmael Chief, Global Mental Health Training & Career Development Program 301-451-5132 Details
Horvath Marques, Andrea Chief, Global Mental Health Implementation Science Program 301-443-3945 Details

HIV Neuropathogenesis, Genetics, and Therapeutics Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Joseph, Jeymohan Chief, HIV Pathogenesis, Neuropsychiatry & Treatment Branch 240-627-3869 Details
Joseph, Jeymohan Chief, Viral/Host Genetics Program 240-627-3869 Details
Joseph, Jeymohan Acting Chief, HIV Therapeutics/Clin. Trials & Psychiatric Pathogenesis Program 240-627-3869 Details
Rao, Vasudev Health Scientist Administrator 301-825-3259 Details

Developmental and Clinical Neuroscience of HIV Prevention and Treatment Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Brouwers, Emile Branch Chief 240-627-3863 Details
Kamath, Susannah Program Officer, Prevention Program 240-627-3861 Details
Lawhorn, Collene Health Scientist Administrator 301-451-4262 Details

HIV Prevention and Care Continuum, Co-Morbidities, and Translational Research Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Gordon, Christopher Branch Chief 240-627-3867 Details
Gordon, Christopher Acting Chief, Community Implementation Program 240-627-3867 Details
Greenwood, Gregory Program Officer 240-669-5532 Details
Senn, Theresa Health Scientist Administrator 301-761-7852 Details
Stirratt, Michael Program Officer, Adherence Program 240-627-3875 Details