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Finding Your Score

Definitions from the Center for Scientific Review (CSR)

Percentile: Represents the relative position or rank of each priority score (along a 100.0 percentile band) among the scores assigned by a particular study section (review committee) over multiple rounds.

Priority score: A numerical rating that reflects the scientific merit of the proposed research relative to the "state of the science."

Numerical Rating: Each application that is discussed is assigned a single, global score that reflects the overall impact that the project could have on the field, based on consideration of the five review criteria (Significance, Approach, Innovation, Investigator, and Environment), with the emphasis on each criterion varying from one application to another, depending on the nature of the application and its relative strengths. The degree to which the participation of human subjects and vertebrate animals and safeguards against biohazards has been satisfactorily addressed will also be factored into the priority score. The best possible priority score is 1.0 and the worst is 5.0. Individual reviewers mark scores to two significant figures, e.g., 2.2; the individual scores are averaged and then multiplied by 100 to yield a single overall score, e.g., 253.

For a more on percentiles and priority scores, see Understanding Percentiles and Other Funding Factors. 

Usually within one week of the review committee (study section) meeting all application scores will be available in the eRA Commons .

Possible outcomes include:

  • Application receives a priority score and percentile rank;
  • Application receives a priority score and no percentile rank (not all applications receive a percentile ranking.)
  • Application not scored (receives full written review); or
  • Application not recommended for further consideration (NRFC) - application can not receive funding, though a resubmission is possible. Given the serious concerns of an NRFC vote, such a resubmission may not be advisable. It is recommended you discuss with program staff.

PIs whose applications were scored as competitive may receive a request to send additional administrative information to the funding Institute. Please note that only a portion of the applications in this group will eventually be funded and the request for this just-in-time information (see section also under Step 4) is NOT a guarantee that your application has been selected for funding.

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