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Just in Time Information


Grants Management Specialist (GMS): The GMS is responsible for the day to day management of non-scientific aspects of applications and funded grants. The GMS provides technical assistance to applicants regarding administrative aspects of the application. The GMS is listed in the eRA Commons  or call 301-402-7111.

After the review committee meeting, you may be requested to submit Just In Time (JIT) Information for finalizing your application. This request does not guarantee anything about the ultimate funding status of your application.

You are encouraged to submit JIT Information through the eRA Commons. You may also fax it to the GMS named in the Commons at 301-480-1956. JIT Information may include:

  • Other Support: Send up-to-date information on active and pending support for key personnel, submitted as instructed in the PHS Form 398 guidelines on Other Support or SF 424(R&R)  as appropriate for the type of application submitted.
  • Vertebrate Animals: If an active vertebrate animal assurance number was not provided upon submission, please submit this information along with verification of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) approval and any IACUC-imposed changes. Pending or out-of-date approvals are not acceptable.
  • Human Subjects Research: Provide the Office for Human Research Protections  Assurance Type and number and the Certification of Institutional Review Board Approval. Pending or out-of-date approvals are not acceptable.Human Subjects Education: For grants involving Human subjects, provide certification that each person identified under Key Personnel has completed an educational program on the protection of human subjects. Key personnel include all individuals responsible for the design and conduct of the study. For further information refer to NIH Guide Notice OD-00-039  .

The information below may also be requested; however, at this time it cannot be submitted through the eRA Commons along with the JIT Information. When requested, please fax this information to the GMS named in the Commons at 301-480-1956.

  • Response to Summary Statement: You may be asked to respond to scientific or administrative concerns raised during the review and described in the summary statement. Responses may be in the form of a revised application or other format.
  • Response to Bar to Funding: An adequate response by applicants is required in order to lift the bar(s) to funding imposed by the peer review committee.
  • NIMH Policy for the Recruitment of Participants in Clinical Research: For clinical research studies at single or multiple sites, that expect to enroll 150 or more human subjects in any single study, please refer to the Terms and Conditions that must be met including the requirement for submitting progress reports.

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