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P01 Research Program Projects

(P01) Novel NeuroAIDS Therapeutics: Integrated Preclinical/Clinical Program (P01) 
Provides support for research programs that will advance central nervous system (CNS)-focused therapeutic approaches to: a) address HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders in HIV-infected individuals on highly active anti-retroviral therapy (HAART), b) eradicate persistent HIV-1 from the CNS during chronic infection, c) prevent establishment of HIV-1 in the brain during early infection, and d) assess the potential for CNS toxicity using HAART or candidate drugs that are currently in clinical studies to eradicate HIV-1. Studies to create or adapt existing animal models of HIV-1 infection in the CNS may be proposed to enable assessment of novel HIV CNS-focused therapeutic candidates. Multi-disciplinary, multi-project programs that are focused on improving neurocognition in HIV-infected persons are encouraged. A well-defined, synergistic and milestone-driven plan for discovery, preclinical, and/or early clinical hypothesis-driven research should be presented.

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