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RFA-MH-12-090 Mechanisms Explaining Differences in Depressive and Anxiety Disorders Across Racial/Ethnic Groups (R01)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Data Collection

Do I have to collect data on all disorders listed for RFA-MH-12-090 ?
No. You are not required to focus on every disorder in the list. (See also NOT-MH-12-003 .) The set of disorders describes those for which many of the large epidemiologic studies have provided data. A primary reason for listing multiple disorders is that NIMH is moving toward the use of dimensional systems to understand the link between subjective complaints (clinical presentation) and underlying pathophysiology. Many symptoms are common across these disorders, and current diagnostic systems may not capture valid disease entities for the purposes of research. This becomes more intriguing when we consider that members of different ethnic or cultural groups may present symptoms in such a way that, when assessed through our traditional diagnostic systems, anxiety or depressive disorders could be over- or under-diagnosed. For more detailed information on the NIMH’s priorities with respect to this dimensional approach, please visit the link that describes the Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) initiative ( The levels of data collection described on the RDoC matrix can serve as a guide as you think about mechanisms.

2. Can the application include more than one site? Can multiple PIs be proposed? Can collaborative R01s be submitted?

Applications can propose subcontracts to other sites so that multiple sites could contribute to the research planned in one application. Multiple PIs are permitted on any single application. For institutions/organizations proposing multiple PD(s)/PI(s), visit the Multiple Program Director(s)/Principal Investigator(s) Policy and submission details in the Senior/Key Person Profile (Expanded) Component of the SF 424 (R&R) Application Guide  (page I-65) and remember that a Leadership Plan must be included in the application (see page I-116 of the Application Guide). Multiple sites will not be accepted through the collaborative R01 mechanism in which each site would have submitted an individual but linked application. (There are unique application requirements and an additional review criterion for collaborative R01s that are not included in this RFA.)

3. Do I need to collect data on more than one racial/ethnic group?

A within- or between-group analysis involving one or more racial/ethnic groups would be considered responsive to this RFA.

4. Budget

a. Does the $2 million funding target for this RFA include both direct and indirect costs? 
Yes, this amount includes both direct and indirect costs. We anticipate funding up to 3 grants. The RFA only lists the funding target for the current fiscal year, and is subject to availability of funds.

b. Is there an annual cap for the budget? 
No, there is no limit. The budget should reflect the actual needs of the proposed project.