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Competing Continuation (Renewal) Awards

If you plan to submit a Competing Continuation (Renewal) Application, you may want to get in touch with your program officer about 12 to 18 months before the end of your grant. (Some grant mechanisms do not allow a competitive renewal, refer to the relevant program announcement.) Your program officer can help you decide on the timing and approach that you might take in developing the renewal.

Competing Continuation (Renewal) Applications differ from initial applications. You must meet the stringent criteria for grant awards, and demonstrate to the review committee that you have made significant progress on the aims outlined in your originally funded proposal. You must include in your application a section called Progress Report/Preliminary study.

There are two possible scenarios for timing the submission of a Competing Continuation (Renewal) Application. Some investigators prefer to have the application reviewed and approved by Council just before the existing grant ends, so there is no lapse in funding. Or, you may need to request a no-cost extension  and complete work on your existing project rather than submitting the Competing Continuation (Renewal) Application when the time comes. Situations when a no-cost extension is warranted may include: delays caused by a move to a new institution; difficulties in hiring new staff or replacement of key personnel; or failure to meet recruiting goals for human subjects, among others.

Consult your program officer about any concerns and questions you may have.

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