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Table of K Parameters

Table of 'K' Parameters
Activity CodeMinimum EffortSalary CapResearch Costs CapMaximum AwardTypical Duration
Career Development Awards
K0175%$90,000$50,000Calculated4 years
K08, K2375%$100,000$50,000Calculated4 years
Pathway to IndependenceK9975%$75,000 (PhD) or $100,000 (practicing physician-scientist)$20,000Calculated2 years
R0075%Legislative CapContingent$249,000
Total Costs
3 years
NIMH IntramuralK2250%Legislative CapContingent$300,000
Direct Costs
3 years
Mid-Career AwardK2425%-50%Legislative Cap$50,000Calculated5 years