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NIMH Outreach Partnership Program

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Outreach Partnership Program – a nationwide initiative designed to increase the public's access to science-based mental health information – supported 55 community mental health organizations to serve as NIMH Outreach Partners. These organizations, selected through a competitive process, disseminated NIMH research and educated the public about mental disorders and represented each state, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Over 75 national organizations also participated in the program as National Partners. The Outreach Partnership Program concluded in April 2020.

Moving Forward: NIMH's Outreach Efforts

The dissemination of mental health research and public education about mental disorders remain priorities for NIMH – with new investments that are expanding the reach of the Institute's outreach efforts. In 2019, NIMH launched a new outreach strategy that reflects the significant changes in the way the public accesses health information and how organizations communicate that information to the public. This effort bolsters NIMH's support of the outreach and education activities of community and national organizations with the addition of new education and awareness resources and the Discover NIMH e-newsletter, along with existing mental health information and publications. The education and awareness pages feature shareable social media messages, graphics, and videos that organizations can use to provide the public with access to science-based mental health information and raise awareness about mental health.

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