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RDoC Launches User-Friendly Matrix Format

Revamped matrix features improved navigation, better organization, responsive design

Science Update

The NIMH’s Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) initiative recently launched a redesigned version of the RDoC Matrix. The RDoC Matrix is a tool designed to help researchers implement the principles and logic of RDoC in their studies.

“The matrix helps investigators reorient their research perspective by providing an integrative, multi-method and dimensional framework for the study of mental disorders,” said Dr. Bruce Cuthbert, acting director of NIMH. “Although the content of the matrix remains the same, the redesign offers improved navigation, a better user experience, and responsive design, which makes the matrix easier to read and navigate on mobile and desktop devices.”

“One of the greatest benefits is that now we’ll be able to include much more information about all of the elements and see interconnections between constructs more clearly,” added Dr. Sarah Morris, acting director of the RDoC Unit. “This is critical because the constructs in the matrix are a starting point for research, but new and modified constructs are essential to the growth of the overall framework.”

To use and access the matrix, visit the NIMH RDoC Matrix webpage. For the latest news and updates on the RDoC initiative, follow RDoC on Twitter .