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Laboratory of Brain and Cognition Laboratory of Brain and Cognition (LBC)

Office of the Chief


The Office of the Chief (OC) utilizes common resources and personnel to serve the sections of the LBC to maximize the efficiency of conducting neuroimaging research. The personnel in the OC include Nurse Practitioners, a Clinical Protocol Manager, a Biomedical Engineer, an IT Specialist, and a UNIX Systems Administrator. The responsibilities of the staff in this group include:

  • Maintaining and upgrading all computer hardware shared commonly in LBC, such as compute servers for neuroimaging analyses, file servers for data storage, and back-up systems for data protection and archiving.
  • Maintaining and upgrading all software on individual desktop and laptop computers.
  • Design and modification of devices and equipment for neurobehavioral research in both clinical and MRI environments.
  • Support for scientific and neuroimaging computer applications.
  • Subject database design and maintenance.
  • Scheduling imaging time for laboratory staff.
  • Medical coverage to support the LBC research protocols.
  • Providing administrative support for the LBC staff.